Amazing house interiors (27 HQ Photos)

  • Jake


    • carl

      first is the worst… second is the best

    • desertsteel

      Awsome dude! You've achived your life's greatest aspiration………… Your mom must be so proud.

  • carl

    #12 is pretty sweet

    • Frank M

      I really need to win that 245 million in the Powerball tonight. Then I'll use these pics to build my dream house.

  • USAF

    Ahhh…To be rich…

    • floscar

      To be rich and have no kids.

      • USAF

        Touche sir!

        • frank

          Until a few days ago, when ever someone would write "Touche" I would read it as "touchy".
          Also here enjoy some music =)

  • Yessirr

    #22 is just begging to have a cigar with me.

    • Question_Mark_

      and a scotch.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        and a smoking jacket

        • The_Stif

          and playboy bunnies on each side of you?

    • Stewie

      it would have to have a secret door in the book case for me

    • mouchette

      The only homey looking space n this post.

      • Underbaker

        I was thinking the same thing, the others are to sterile.

        • BentWrenches

          I think #10 would be a good room to go with this one.Besides that,yeah, too sterile for me.

          • jesus

            couch. want.

  • G_Funkatron


    • McBeastie


  • DaddyD

    I blame my parents for the fact that I wasn't born rich.

    • Weenerface

      I blame me for not playing the stock market when i was zero.

  • ben

    even rich folk like finding nemo, good to know they aren't so different from the rest of us

  • Pete_Rock

    I would love to watch nature movies on that screen…

    • yodaddy

      I agree, #1 and #4 look as comfortable as sitting on a set of stairs.

    • McBeastie

      and by "nature movies" you of course mean porn.

  • JOHN

    Your chive symbols fuck up wallpaper capabilities

    • Wolfpack Steve

      Crop it out.

      Move on with life.

    • The_Stif

      First World Problems.

    • Its420somewhere

      Why would you have interior design as a wallpaper anyway?

  • manchakattack

    I don't like a lot of these. They're super boxy, futuristic and not homely feeling. They need a womanly touch.

    • Question_Mark_

      Add a sandwich.

      • Weenerface

        ……and a kitchen window.

    • MammyNun3

      well get in there and make a sandwich then.

      • YouLiveWithUrMammy

        Fuck off.

    • Reymont

      Most of them don't look comfortable at all! Furniture can't just be pretty, it has to be useful, too.

    • Mrs_Conejo

      agree. especially #5…I get the clean modern approach but this one is really boring.

    • Sean

      Agree. seems cool for hotels or vacation homes but not comfy enough for a home.

      • Makes No Excuses

        Modern design just isnt comfy enough for me…. it just doesnt have that homey feeling…

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    None is this will last a house party!!!!!

    • pjsupremex

      bad grammar is bad

  • Master_Rahl

    These places all look pretty awesome, but they have a weird sanitized feel to them. Not one actually looks lived-in. I would make a complete disaster out of some of these masterpieces.

    • Bob Saget

      probably because most of them are rendered images

  • chicago

    #22 and #10 Feel warm like a place to live should feel. Others are nice, like staying at a Scandic Hotel, but not to call "Home".

    • jdfish2279

      I was thinking the same thing. #21 and #22 look nice and have a warm feeling. 22 is a tad too traditional for me, but nice nontheless. I like the clean look of the others, but you are right, they don't feel like a home.

    • craig sibley

      That's probably because out of ALL these photographs, these MIGHT be the only real rooms. Most all the others were created with architectural software such and Maxon Cinema 4D or AutoCad 3DS

  • TWA

    Where's the TV?

    • SpacemanSpiff_

      it took the picture

  • León Felipe

    Funny how there are only two "real" pictures there… oh technology you never cease to amaze me

  • Anonymous

    #10. Sitting in the break room on lunch. Finding Nemo has been on repeat on the company tv today. Saw this pic and looked up, same image on the screen. Chive continues to creep me out

  • Matt

    Meh, 75% of these are 3D renderings you can find on iStock…

  • Verbal_Kint

    Nice renders….

    • Marc

      Yep, the majority sure seem like 3D renders

  • Steverino

    Clever lad …yes you are ! Hey, did you know that the Dudes in Pink Floyd met while studying architecture ? I know " cool story bro "

  • Trent

    I'd like to see a gallery of normal house interiors. You could call it "Where the 99% dwell"

  • @ADavis41

    I have 2 kids and I see potential for many 911 calls in these pics.

  • Pow!

    Lots of nice pictures of houses owned by people who do not have children.

    • Guest

      a lot of these modern pics are cheep shit

    • Marko

      I guess most of those are not houses owned by someone, but rendered pictures owned by designers who made them for their portfolios.

  • zak0622

    There's a surprising lack of zombie-proofing going on here….

  • guest

    I'm going to be wealthy some day soon.

  • jrey81

    gorgeous interiors but i do love the carpeting in #10. I know it's a bitch to maintain but in specific rooms like rec rooms, TV areas, you just can't beat that warm cozy texture under your feet… excluding extra-curriculars with the opposite sex….

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