Amazing house interiors (27 HQ Photos)

  • Kathy49601

    #10, #11 and #22 are the only ones I can really enjoy and like, the rest is all too "minimalist" for me….

  • Anonymous

    I like all of them.

  • Craig Sibley

    Chive, almost everyone of these (possibly all of them) were created using Architectural software such as Maxon Cinema 4D, or AutoCad 3DS. The only two that MAY be real are #10 and 22, but I have my doubts about those as well!

  • Barend

    These are all renderings done on 3d max

  • fore skin

    modern is not very inviting

  • bdizzle

    Love to see what these places look like after a person has lived there for a few months. You know some slobs leaves his dishes in the sink and cereal crumbs all over the bed

  • iskalipsi

    If not, ost of them are CG

  • Stylez

    i think #21 is the only one that actually looks comfortable.

  • Koolhaas

    pretty sure most of these are Renderings

  • MattKL

    #19 Any place that has e=mc squared on the walls is an automatic win.

    #21 Now that is one mighty fine-looking living room. It's the kind of place I'd like to have one day.

  • mickey

    so much uncomfortable furniture… yea your living room looks nice but no one wants to hang out because everything you have to sit on makes your back hurt because the back rest is 3 inches high for some dumb fucking reason.

  • PeNnY56

    Would like to see more designs like #24

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