• therealguy


  • MylesofStyles

    That's fine, but if she texts while making sandwiches, it's over.

  • dsparob

    Makes me sick…phone was turned off back at the hotel room for mine, why the hell would you need your cell phone during your wedding!!!???

  • http://www.facebook.com/tquickenton Todd Quickenton

    Seriously buddy, drop the hand and walk away. This is why we shouldn't let fat people do stuff.

  • David

    What kind of bride carries anything on herself when getting married? Brides usually take their wedding a lot more seriously even if they are the kind to get married 15 times or more in their life.

  • Blockhead22

    Fat Redneck Hillbilly bitch! I hate white trash!

  • Harry Satchel

    She had to read the email she just got from McDonald’s for her free happy meal for her birthday

  • The Truth

    She's fat and should be grateful she's getting married.

  • cywasi

    I would have played "Let's see how far I can toss a cell phone." He looked like he was reaching for it

  • Carolyn

    She looks like a sausage stuffed into this awful dress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WombatFire Southern Discomfort

    Fugn pig

  • Glaspotron

    I love how he looks like he is about to say / do something then doesn't. Good things ahead, good things ahead {/end sarcasm font}

  • etcrr

    No Fuckin Way

  • mendameblowa

    It was a sign from God to this poor guy. Saying: don't do that, do not marry her. Run!

  • jack adams

    Well get ready for divorce court

  • RyanM

    It was her reminder; the mcrib is back!! Lol

  • BK2

    Poor guy

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    […] – At least some people take marriage more seriously than Kim Kardashian. [theCHIVE] […]

  • DC22

    shit ain't going to last bitch!

  • Tricia

    She wasn't even listening to the pastor. What a sleezy woman. Her husband had every right to stop the pastor at that moment and say "how badly do you want to be married today?" and force her to answer. Obviously her mind and heart are not with him, they're on herself.

  • Galaxyloader

    Probably was the bakery letting her know her cupcakes were done.

  • Avni

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