‘Keep Calm’ and Chive Logo Tee Global Launch: GO!

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keepcalmgloballaunchnow Keep Calm and Chive Logo Tee Global Launch: GO!

Tonight we’re changing things up a bit. theCHIVE is a global community and many of our foreign Chivers are sleeping when we launch the ever-elusive ‘Keep Calm’. Credit our Australian Chivers for speaking up.

So tonight while most of America sleeps (U.S. is still eligible), the rest of the world finally has a chance to snag the shirts. Good luck and Chive On!

Keep Calm‘ and Chive Logo Tees available right here.

UPDATE #1: Chivers across the globe have showed up in massive numbers. This is easily our largest order ever and neither ‘Keep Calm’ or the Chive Logo will last much longer. Unbelievable.


UPDATE #3: Chive Logo Tees and ‘KC&CO’ SOLD OUT

  • mojo420jojo

    Son of a f***in bitch!!! I forgot that November 3 in Australia is November 2 in Texas!!!!

    Dear Chive,
    3 weeks ago a ordered KCCO stickers. And I still haven’t f***in gotten the damn things!!!! Wtf is this shit??@

  • Anonymous

    You mother fuckers! Stop creating a faked demand. I’m tired of your apple tactics.

  • Old Timer

    Got my Keep Calm t-shirt, first go. Go Aussies

  • http://thechive gary anderson

    Make more shirts.douchebags on ebay are paying 75.00 us for a shirt..print more

  • Jonathan

    GOT MY KCCO!!! (sydney, aus)

    gonna put the sticker on my car (blue golf R) – never thought i'd do that!!

  • Anonymous

    Make more fuckin shirts its not rocket science

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Nicholas

    It's getting hard to Keep Calm. I want a shirt….I may have to resort to ebay.

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