Oh shit! (28 photos)

  • Matthew Mac

    #26 is just funny thats all. No disrespect.. Just a joke. Laugh and be done with it.

  • Loren

    yall know soldiers get midtour leave right? #26

  • Kyle

    Already covered by other comments..

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=639787346 Eric Monette

    #12 If a soldier is tasked with a 12 month deployment, around half way through he/she is given 2 weeks of R&R back in the states. So she was probably knocked up by her hubby while he was back home for those two weeks.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=639787346 Eric Monette

      #26 I mean haha

  • don juan fatchicks

    What the Fuck is #27?

    • iwarnock

      got no freakin idea im wondering too.. but def is in the anus

  • AK

    #15 not attractive. Someone needs to give that girl a cheeseburger

    • Chiver In Bio

      Wish all the fat ugly girls would stop saying ew….not attractive. All the guys here would do her.

  • Katie

    #15 Ew

  • B.L.

    #8 The one on the right is sexier if you ask me, she looks happier and healthier. The one on the left looks like she's forcing a smile, and looks borderline anorexic. Deffinately would rather date the one in blue.

  • Jeremy

    #26 Yall do realize that soldiers get two weeks of leave should they choose to take it while they are deployed. And i dont know of anybody that wouldnt take it with a wife and kid at home.

  • Charlie Brown

    #28 cops would still be lookin for that bitches head

  • wztarheel

    #15 It's not even fair.

  • etcrr

    #20 that's gunna hurt in the morning

  • Guest :)

    really should gain a few pounds, looks like shit,
    she has potential (boobs) and a nice face,
    but that waist and those tiny arms… No thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DettaVen Dana Xu

    Lot of 'eww' in this batch

  • jaw

    What is #21! Cant remember

    • rikster

      Little giants Rick Moranis Ed O’niel

  • shellrose

    #15 is wayyyy to thin.. how.. idc how big her boobs are, even the smallest man would break her.
    now #5 is way better 🙂

  • https://www.facebook.com/cody.a.crawford Cody Crawford

    #13 Good 'ol Alberta truck drivers. Fuckin' Eh!

  • Tinman

    #26 for those of you civilians that don't know, we get to come home for 2 weeks in the middle of our deployment, so it understandable that she got pregnant on R&R…its when they are 2 months pregnant and R&R was 5 months ago when you need to worry

  • jaydub

    #27 …yo…we heard you like cans..so we put a can in your can

  • Janeway

    There's NOTHING beautiful about #15. Wtf?

  • simon

    it makes me sad to think that I will probably never meet a girl as hot as #15 in my entire lifetime…

  • Chris Bennett

    #26 It's called Mid-tour R&R (you get to go home or some place of your choosing for a couple weeks)

  • mikeOxbigg

    #7 she got way hotter

  • LetsGoRangers

    GOOD FOR YOU #7 AND #8!!!!

  • Chris Bennett

    #26 lots of people are being the reason we need to keep calm and chive on (mid tour R&R) it's not cool to bash soldiers' families (especially considering the stupidity behind the argument)

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