A tiger rug made of 500,000 cigarettes. Seems legit (8 Photos)


  • Sureal

    How big would a cigarette burn be on that thing?

    • Douche McFuckstain

      the same size as an ordinary cigarette burn, except repeated 500k times.

  • Stan_Dalone

    very expensive rug

  • http://xxwhodatxx.wordpress.com xxwhodatxx

    This is retarded.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Hey Chive, remember when I thanked you for helping me on day two of quitting smoking, during the burn your bra??? I take it back, cause this was just mean.

  • Mike

    Should read “Xu Bing, one of chinas most renowned losers with absolutely too much time on her hands…” every asshole thinks they’re an artist. You’re not an artist. You’re merely a non-contributing citizen. Get a fucking job instead of ducking off all day

    • Handy

      yeah, modern art totally sucks ass.

  • Douche McFuckstain

    She should make another art piece with rotted lungs that makes an artistic teddy bear.

  • bless1


  • OneClownShoe

    I save lives when I smoke. If I quit, I will kill people.

  • Anonymous

    Too many haters. I would love to get paid for doing fun stuff like this.

  • Vicarious_Ink

    Now I want to watch Coffee and Cigarettes

  • Nick

    it really ties the room together man…

  • Anonymous

    That’s good, until they imprison him for anti Chinese leanings. Free Tibet.

  • M.O.T.

    I'm all out of fags, the shop's closed… FU Chive!

  • dylan_hahn

    saw this in person the other week, very impressive

  • Andre

    Instant cancer.

    What will they come up with next…

  • Anonymous

    Lol you guys all suck, just cause she has it made, all your manholes seem to have ruptured of sheer jealousy xD

  • Bad at math


  • ashley

    Lol, that rug should not be put beside a fireplace.

  • Sue Acide

    I took a dump, carved it into a monkey, and call myself an artist. Really! My 8 yr old could make that.

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