Berenice Marlohe is the new Bond Girl (20 Photos)

It was recently announced that French model and actress Berenice Marlohe will be the featured Bond Girl in the upcoming 007 film Skyfall. Here's a look at what she's bringing to the franchise, as well as some previous Bond hotties.

  • alexjn1

    She will do just fine

  • Will


    • paula_pissflap

      hey dirpine wanna come over………suuuure watch a movie/play cards/monopoly yer suuuuure…….:|

  • Geaux Tigers


    • uberbrie

      Thumb down for LSU….AHHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH Chaios

  • aaaa

    I would have sex with her if she wanted me to.

    • kaidoh101

      i would have sex with her if she wanted me to or not!

      • Bastardo

        Cause rape is cool! Douche

        • kaidoh101

          you dont get what i mean dumbass

    • Eric

      She doesn't want you to.

  • Lulatsch

    #11 Nicolas Cage?

    • jesse


  • chuck

    man i hope she is one of the naked outlines in the opening credits

  • Kaars

    Still just happy they're still making 007 movies. Daniel Craig kicks ass as Mr. Bond!

    • Ramrod

      I completely agree. Best behind Connery.

    • Ed Venture

      I think he's the worst Bond they've ever had.

      Judging by Bond performance alone (and not space lasers or invisible cars) My list would be:

      Niven (in the GOOD Casino Royale)
      pocket lint
      stuff I found on the bottom of my shoe

      • its_forge

        A three by six foot plank of wood
        Everyone else in the entire universe or the next sixteen available universes totaling probably somewhere close to 8 times 10 to the 84th people

        • someguy

          I feel like I've just entered an alternate universe where it's even possible to put Craig above MOTHERFUCKING SIR SEAN CONNERY.

      • abcdefg

        If you were basing it off of performance and not space lasers or invisible cars, then Brosnan should be at the bottom because he used both of those fucking things.

  • Marc


    • paula_pissflap


  • Ferret

    #12 hott bond girl .. bad movie… they named her Chrismas

    • Adam Savage

      Christmas = Unwrapping…

    • Hundee

      Denise Richards playing a nuclear physicist requires a real stretch of the imagination. She's still hot though.

      • ROK247

        even bigger stretch was the tank top she wore throughout that movie

    • Bilbo T-Baggins

      i thought christmas came only once a year

      • ScientificBoink

        thishh phrase would have been shho much bettah'r if shhpoken by Shhean Connery.

    • Vincent Villette

      Damn Coach Daniels is a lucky guy

  • jrey81

    #3 & #5 All hail the handbra… also love the last couple of 007 movies but they really should go rated R and give the fans a lil more…

    • Ideal_Role

      #3 could be cast in a live action Pocahontas.

  • MSM

    James Bond is one lucky guy! I think you forgot Halle Berry though…

    • James Cranford

      you are joking, right?

  • Nando

    YES! I've been waiting for this movie for a long time now.

  • chicago

    Bonds Lovely Lady of the Day tribute.
    #19 All the way

    • KyleGoldstein

      couldnt agree more, they dont make em like her anymore

  • Frankie gee


  • Jayavc

    #20 That look =)

    • MOAR

      She is worth a google image search.

      • switch_24

        LOL, you just beat me to it

    • Lisa

      I think her ass has been photoshopped…not that it really matters. Still hot. 😉

  • jrey81

    okay looking back, #19, that's just bombshell even by today's standards… those eyes and lips… beautiful.

  • sshuggi

    #2 That's a fantastic smile.

  • das_Hoff


  • Michael

    Where's Gemma Arterton?

    • Art


  • MylesofStyles

    #4 Hot version of Troll Face.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      totally thought the same thing

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Bond sure knows how to pick them!!! Lucky bastard!!!

  • Larry

    Damn, that cheeky brit has got to bang some good-lookin birds

  • echogeo

    Michelle Yeoh, who did a lot of her own stunts. Carole Bouquet, who cut a memorable figure walking through the woods with a crossbow in For Your Eyes Only. Barbara Bach…C'mon, Mrs. Ringo Starr at least gets honorable mention.

    • Squishyduckman

      Agreed! For Your Eyes Only is a seriously under-rated Bond film. And the main female lead is one of the best in the whole franchise both in character and to look at. 🙂

  • Tony

    Sigh, I'll always have love in my heart for Diana Rigg

  • jdfish2279

    Bond, you lucky S.O.B. #13 still my favorite. She is a beaut, clark!

    • Rusty15s

      Gotta respect a Christmas vacation reference. Thumbs up from me for that.

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