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Berenice Marlohe is the new Bond Girl (20 Photos)

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It was recently announced that French model and actress Berenice Marlohe will be the featured Bond Girl in the upcoming 007 film Skyfall. Here's a look at what she's bringing to the franchise, as well as some previous Bond hotties.

  • thatwasfun

    what. no halle berry?

  • splitloop

    Mie Hama a lady boy? i can see some junk in the front!!

  • The_J

    all Very lovely! And out of this last 20 years, I think Eva Green is the hottest Bond Girl so far….. her eyes look sad, yet so, so intriguing!

  • Stoute Boudjies

    You left Denise Richards, or did you leave her out on purpose. I can understand that.

    • Negron

      shes in there you blind tart

  • CNG

    Olga wins hands down.

  • Negron

    i agree with a previous post. Google Margaret Nolan, what a fantastic body.

    • Negron

      shes got current lower back problems

  • Guy

    Cucinotta needs a whole FLBP thread.

  • Jeff Martincic

    arent we forgetting that black chick

  • Michael

    Nice pics

    My ex betrayed me –

  • Brett


    Picture doesn't do her justice, From Russia With Love, she was smoking hot in that movie.

  • Timothy Wilkes

    #11 is my favorite still. . . The English accent and the willingness to get naked makes her AMAZING. . .

  • doctorgonzomd

    What about Luciana Palluzzi? She was hot!

  • all007girls

    Wow, no Michelle Yeoh, Halle Berry, you guys are pretty biased I see…

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