• deleted4255536

    Well, I learned, it is easier to and less boring to have a gorgeous woman clean your gun, than doing it yourself lol

    • VanIsleChiver

      she was just cleaning it and it went off

      • Mamatha

        X0XNAKEDSNAKEX0X:@seantico amigo yo tengo usando uno en color negro y rojo ,aparte de que se ve muy bien ,me ha sldiao muy bueno tanto en funcionalidad asi como en lo que busca uno en un cel. suena muy resio los videos y fotos e imagenesmuy claros y lo mejor la radio no necesita de que le conectes el manos libres es muy recomendable saludos a peru desde mexico

  • George

    I have a gun she can clean!

  • R2GFan

    I was cleaning my "gun" during the video…it went off close to the end. 😦

  • Mike

    Near the end I finally found the gun in this video……finger off the trigger too, nice technique. 😉

  • .Krookz

    What gun?

  • etcrr

    hot model she was cleaning something? I hadn't noticed

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  • Kiyosi

    Hell Yeah! My dad took me to see this when it was first released. It was awosmee. He also took me to see the Blues Brothers in 1980. He was the coolest dad ever and I am so glad he passed along his appreciation for multi-car pile ups in film to me.

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