Getting cold outside. Need a few redheads to warm things up (40 Photos)

  • Sick

    #13 couldn't find her name, but the photog is Carlos Nunez at (artistic nudes, NSFW)

  • SevenKL

    #21 lets make naughty movies! I mean that in the best way possible. 🙂

  • jdfish2279

    #27 Is bee-u-tee-full!!! WOW

  • asdf

    wow, one of the greatest redhead posts yet. #1 #12 #20 #26

    • asdf


  • Craigery

    #3 and #4 dying your hair that color doesn't make you a redhead. That's like putting on blackface and calling yourself black.

    • TreeHugR

      I'm with you 100% on this one. I bet half these girls are fake redheads, but it would be a short post without the dyed types.

      • fadfv

        …tons of them are dyed; finding a natural ginger who is actually attractive isn't easy, let alone 30 of them. girls dye their hair- get over it

        • Craigery

          I have no problem with girls dying their hair. In fact, I LIKE girls with dyed hair. My point is merely that you're either born a redhead, or you're not a redhead. BEING a redhead is more than just the color of your hair. These chicks with the dyed-red hair are hot, no question about it, they just don't belong in a thread devoted to the beauty of redheads.

  • Jake Dent

    #5 that's the kind of smile you dream of marrying and #35 something about that look on your face makes me want to do terrible-ly awesome things to that body

  • sm2535

    #20 Hi. #27 Hello. #33 Well, hey, how are ya?

  • Christine

    …When did I ever refer to myself as a redhead, dipshit?

    Aaaand dying one's hair a different color isn't even in the same ballpark as putting on "blackface (whatever blackface is)" and calling oneself black.

    • Craigery

      I don't know who you are. Are you one of the girls in these pictures? I didn't say you called yourself a redhead, but The Chive has labelled you as such, and I'm just saying the label doesn't apply.

  • cookiesndcream

    #29 – Fail

  • Balls deep

    Let’s get a pigtails and ponytails post soon!

  • Nathan

    #23 pluto isn't a planet anymore….what a bummer…

    • Stan_Dalone


  • Deee

    Who is #12? I swear I was looking at this post on my phone and someone had posted her name. Now I can't find it anywhere 😦

    • IronBound19

      Heather Vandeven

  • William Teach

    #13 "What are you doing? That better not end up on the Internet!" "It won't, I promise"

  • Dudeontheranch

    LG + Redhead = Double – win

  • Timothy Wilkes

    #27 is the hottest redhead ever, IMO.

  • Sean

    #33, I wish I did need a tutor

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I'll take one, anyway.

  • jdfish2279

    The rest of #28 is pretty nice.… (NSFW)

  • Chad

    More #3!!

  • Michael

    Went to high school with #20 – I'm a lucky guy

    • Rusty_Dreams

      Then who is she??

  • George

    #33 I really, really do, but it would be hard to explain to my wife since im not in school.

  • Michael

    #38 I absolutely love her tits

  • dorkfish

    I like them all, but #24 is sexy as hell.

  • Dave

    #38 LG always love your pics, you make my day. BEAUTIFUL as always.

  • walkingtheriver
  • S.H.
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