• https://www.facebook.com/beazl Darren Beazl Beasley

    Probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.

  • boyboy2000

    In the local news (I live in Brazil), there is some commentators talking about how IRRESPONSIBLE was that action … I can´t believe when I hear this. Maybe later the traffickers will be released because of some Humanitarian bulls$%& too.
    Photo of the plane being transported on a local highway: http://www.comunidadenews.com/brasil/pf-bate-carr
    The plane was smuggling electronics, basically LAPTOPS, remember that in this country the import tax is 60%, so smugling a laptop is a very good business.


  • Slappyd

    The drug dealers just probably worked for a different cartel that the one paying off the cops. I'm sure they didn't do this "for justice".

    • rodrigodafico

      and how about the cartels paying the LAPD or miami police? how do you think drug exists in your country?

    • André

      Pal, if you don't know what you talking about, just shut up, please. These guys are from COT – Comando de Operações Táticas from Brasilian Federal Police. They are very known for don't be paid.

  • Da Sandman

    like a boss… pwned those dealers pretty hard

  • Dewarz

    I don't always arrest drug dealers, but when I do, I do it by ramming their FUCKING PLANE with a car first….

  • chadwick james

    Its like Face-Off. Where's Castor Troy?

  • Dani

    his sombrero fell away :))

    • Thallys

      Not many sombreros around Brasil, actually…

  • DavMo10

    That was extremely bad ass! With no regard for their safety these crazy sons of bitches have keep a little blow out of the noses of many, now disappointed, drug addicts. Way to go Brazilian police! Muy bien!

    • okayawesome

      First of all Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Secondly they were trying to smuggle electronics into the country because they wanted to avoid the outrageous import tax of 60 %

    • vmeyer

      yep, it was electronics, not drugs, smuggling.
      yep, brazilians do not speak spanish.

      but it's still good to hear support for the good guys.

  • TryAgainTomorrow

    Thats some Call of Duty shit

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=827598468 Paul

    I think I just grew extra hair watching that bad ass shit

  • Anonymous

    WTF, Chive???? What did u guys do to the mobile web site????? I can’t see the videos anymore!!!!!
    Ohh, & don’t go telling me to get a new cell phone cuz, I just got this thunderblot android!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?????? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH , DAMMMMMMMIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  • worked

    Like a boss! That was badass

  • yeah

    S.W.A.T. movie got real. that's colin farrell!

  • AssMan

    and this is why I have to pay fucking $80 a gram!!

    • André

      Legalize now! World Wide!

  • csxxx

    this is brazilian federal police! fuck yeah!
    the cop said " dont shot, i'll hit the plain"

  • Donna_Romper

    Already been said but yeah, badass.

  • Filippe

    The driver said: do not shoot, don`t shoot, I`ll hit the wing. and yes it´s portuguese.

    • Pants

      Brazil, Columbia… Does anybody really care about/know the difference?

      • Jacob

        Sure, USA, Canada, does anybody really care about/know the difference?
        They are two completly different countries dumbass, including different languages

  • Coldzilla

    The drivers probably thinkin "Hell its not MY side of the car" LOL

  • Drew1720

    haha……………. yaaaa fuck that!

  • aymz

    fuck yo airplane

  • Will

    Why is no one asking why the state has any business regulating drugs in the first place? All they are doing is providing goods to people willing to pay for them. The state literally creates their own enemies, whether its prohibition in the 20's or the drug war today. Don't applaud these thugs. They work for the regime

    • rodrigodafico

      said the drug addicted.

      • Andre

        No, said the wiseguy. All the trouble with drugs is because they are illegal.

  • Anonymous

    my dream job riight therr

  • Jones

    Wait a second … people are saying inaccurate things about what happened:
    – It happened in Brazil;
    – They were carrying contraband, NOT DRUGS. There were 114 notebooks, 20 electronic surveillance systems, printers, cameras and bicycles. The cargo was valued at U.S. $ 200,000.00 – approximately U.S. $ 350,000.00.

    Regarding the comments about people in Brazil, complaining about the irresponsible action of the Federal Police, please … trolls and idiots there are on every corner.


  • okayawesome

    I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but it looks like he meant to go under the wing. This was an accident. Also any chiver who says they are in Brazil says this was electronics not drugs. I am surprised how many people were happy when they thought it was drugs, considering most of you are the ones keeping the drug dealers in business.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000318206977 Pedro Maia

      The car driver says "i'll hit the wing, i'll hit the wing, don't shoot". So, NOT an accident 😉
      Chive on from Portugal

      • Stan_Dalone

        bad ass

    • Thallys

      It was not an accident!! One of the cops yells "Don't shoot, I`m gonna hit the wing!!"

      Chive on from Brasil!!

  • Micks

    wow… that cop just doesn't give a F@ck, No gear, just the M16 and Steve Jobs costume.

    -HOLD THE F@CK DOWN I GOT THIS! *rams car to plane*

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