S^*% happens: Automotive accidents and destruction (30 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonykonkol Tony Thunder Konkol

    Those poor Ferrari's…

  • whoa

    #26 "Who said Ice Road Trucker's was on?"

  • Stillers suck

    #9 Figures

    Go Eagles!

  • Joka

    #13 is waaay funnier when you know the story behind it: the ferrari was parked and got hit by a van. The vanity plate on the ferrari said "BOOM"

    Added bonus: both cars were from Slovenia, and this happened in Croatia – Croats have a similar attitude (and jokes) towards Slovenians the way Americans have towards Canadians, eh

  • HatBomb

    That is one VERY expensive little fuck up, not to mention the lawsuit coming from homeboy who is along for the ride…

  • Mos Sef

    Anybody else find it strange that an awful lot of these screw ups are with really nice cars? Methinks the rich guys need to quit letting their wives borrow the cars.

  • Huge


    I was just following Snooki!

  • jamesjackson4

    #4 GILLIGAN!!!!!

  • Mugatu

    #9 Note that she is wearing a "Steelers" leatherman.

  • Timmah

    #18 was real Swift!

  • Swift

    #18 Not so Swift!

  • http://www.facebook.com/fatjuice Tomislav Ricov


    chive on from Croatia! That slovenian guy shud have given me that ferrari 🙂

  • etcrr

    #17 is the most expensive loss

  • gilby

    #12 I think its flooded, better give it a minute.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003066556639 Nick Holwegner

    Awww, he want's to go off road!

  • DjBlue

    I thought pianos falling out of the sky only happened in cartoons?

  • DRC36

    okay just a quick question:


    Is there an explanation for how that happened?

  • Mike

    # 1 …was on RT-128 in MA. It was carrying industrial-sized ink cartridges. http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/peabody/2011/

  • doctorgonzomd

    I wonder if any of the Women driving were injured…

  • Auz_E

    #26 Now there is no excuse to get rid of that ugly couch!

  • Anonymous


  • maboze1x

    #13 I know him! 🙂

  • rossy

    #12 yep i think ive flooded the engine

  • rossy

    #30 ive heard of a drive through but this is taken it a bit far

  • Paul

    #9 What the hell is she doing?

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