Things That Bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

Oh yes, it's back.

  • LaChapelle

    #4 white people can't dance

    • Da Sandman

      this proves that white people can dance and that black people's taste for music seriously sucks ass

      • Justin Hall

        Pretty fucking retarded that some people got offended by some guy posting a video up of Dave Chappelle, and then thumbed up an equally retarded generalization about dancing.

        • yup

          Relax Justin… we are just tired of the reverse racism that is so widely accepted… and the internet is the only place it is safe to express that…

    • meh

      its called a trip pod

      • bummer

        thats the best version you could find?

    • aleXTC

      LOL that's my fucking cousin . Way to go Mercy

    • not offended

      black people can't swim

  • guest speaker

    #11 Need to find that car wash!!! WOW!!!!!

    • The_Dood

      I think you meant #5.

    • Jak

      It's the same place…heaven!

    • sam

      wow i love you

  • MEH


  • yeah

    # 9 finally a reason to watch fox news

    • yeah

      #9 sorry everyone

    • Steverino

      Fair and balanced !

    • strue

      The boobs have not been made that would make me watch that hate filled drivel.

    • JOHN

      enjoy getting your "news" from the huffington post or the daily show. there is no such thing as unbiased news. Fox News is just more overt about their opinions and doesn't attempt to hide their intentions in veiled doublespeak *ahem* CNN, MSNBC. you want the real story, read ALL sources and try to think for yourself.

      • McBeastie

        Yeah, no double speak at all from Fox. They are just "overt" about their bias while using the slogan "fair and balanced," that's all.

        • eshuster

          Stop talking about politics, you buttwipes. Tits!!

          Who is that, anyway?

        • JOHN

          thank you for supporting your mindless lemming status by responding to only one part of my response. Its further proof that people will see what they want to see, regardless of the intentions of others.

          • Longarms

            He is a mindless lemming for 'only' responding to one 'part' of your response? He only responded to the part that was retarded. Do you need constant affirmation that people do agree with you on some of your mild, generally understood points? Yeah, all "news" in America is biased. It's infotainment.

            In conclusion, you suck poop, dick-face.

      • Rrrrrandy

        I'll go ahead and defend those that watch the Daily Show and say that a lot of them don't watch a fake news show to get any actual news, they watch it to laugh. The same applies to the Colbert Report and, in a way, Glen Beck

      • its_forge

        Hehe I especially liked the pertinent and cutting-edge report that came out last week about how ACORN was funding the OWS occupations. Yeah. ACORN. ::snerk::

    • bro

      #9 that's from a show called Red Eye, and they have hot women on all the time! in fact, they make them sit at the end of the table in the "leg chair" so you can (you guessed it) see their legs! truly an amazing show.

  • Austin


    • NowIKnowWhatBounces

      Thats what i'm saying! it's been a rough couple months but at last, it's back! 🙂

  • chicago

    #11 …her things that bounce, bounce so-so-soo well

  • Muadieb

    #12 is hot!

    • Kody Parton

      I'm thinking a "Find Her" is in order here…

      • Reallifexman

        She's been on you-tube for a while.. I think she's 'special'…

      • alate

        "Christina Model" but that's pretty much all she used to do, bounce and giggle, no idea if she's still active

    • fed

      so young and she's already losing the battle against gravity…

      • HardcoreH

        Wouldn't be hard for a "find her". I grew up with this girl. As Alate said, she had a website Christina Model. I always find it hilarious whenever she pops up on this site, mainly because I know so much about her.

        • truth

          Okay…I don't know if you really do know her. Don't really care. I think I speak for everyone else though when I say, if you know her…get her to do a Chivette post. That goes for anyone else that says they know some girl that's really hot. Get her to post or it didn't happen.

        • SwingoutScott

          I think he meant grew up with her in a metaphorical sense. I've been fapping to her for years. He probably has been too.

          • Krusherx

            Exactly. Same for me actually. I used to like these 'models' THere were those Josie Model, MeganQT and a bunch of others as well

            • DavidNevin

              True that

    • Plurp

      Yes that is Christina Model. She did the bounce and jiggle thing while she was underage and now she does the full porn at her website. She always did the same dance and came across as a little dim. Her boobs are certainly not as nice as they were when she was 15. Kinda twisted that the internet allowed us to watch an under age girl being groomed for the sex trade.

  • Jordan

    #1 midget alert

    • Flicka

      Don't care! Had (tiny) sex!

      • David


    • Truth


      • Sick


        • meh

          what is the chicks name, must see moar

          • Black

            its a brazillian b#tch known as "Mulher Melancia" (Watermellon Woman). Her name is Andressa Soares. Google it, she already posed to playboy and stuff.

            • TrueDatStory

              Thank you Mr. Black!

            • Doctor_Krieger

              thanks for a name

      • stukesm4


    • truth

      Hmm…smells like ass and cabbage.

  • qwert

    things that bounce thursday is back, baby!!!

    • Vincent Villette

      And don't you ever, ever take it away again !!

      • Prangsta

        No shit, of all the things. Not this.

  • Kody Parton


    Not sure if terrifying….
    …Or wonderful….

    • Matt

      Terrifyingly wonderful

    • phuphu

      Those beautiful 'eyes' are property of Katy Perry in case you don't watch SNL

      • Kody Parton

        In that case, I'll go with wonderful and ignore just how creepy it makes me feel.

  • SARmedic

    #10 LMAO

  • iambigd42

    #12 DAMN! /ftw

  • Iam_Dave

    nothing sexier than a woman scrubbing hard!

  • Katerina Zoi Kepenekou

    insecurity by a woman. when mine bounce i feel insecure that they r not firm. logical?

    • benbobbins

      Forget your insecurities. I'd rather see natural and soft than fake and firm.

      • Ludwig

        I second that. Forget your insecurities, girl.

        • Underbaker

          And I will third it, bewbs are meant to be soft and cuddly.

    • dorkfish

      post up and let us decide

    • ChucklesTheClown

      Your agrgument is invalid!!!!

  • Cyberfunker

    At last the Chive universe returns to his rightful axis

  • meho

    Anyone know the name of #9?

    • Fathi Haziq

      Carrie Keagan

    • Mars Longhorn

      • Hector

        Red Eye is the only show on FOX News worth watching.

    • crazydog

      carrie keagan FTW…..I should get a nobel prize for thinking up putting her in a three way with diora baird and kat dennings and filming it for mankind.

  • paul

    i want a stoner version of the chive, you know like the brigade but with 'grow your strain' instead of choose your weapon

  • jrey81

    THE BOUNCE IS BAAACK! Thanks Chive! sooo who's #12?

    • SwingoutScott

      Look above, but internet model called "Christina Model". No clue if she is still active, but she was a fav of mine years ago. She was even in an Eminem video a few years back.

  • jared

    First, pumped to see a gifs post back in the rotation…second, best possible return gif post ever…lastly, GIVE US BACK OUR TGIFs!

  • jrey81

    #10 elmo… what lovely motor-boatable eyes you have!

  • goonertilidie

    #5 Looks like we both fell asleep too early. He missed boobs. I missed a Chive T. *sigh*

    • Iowa

      I completely forgot about the T's, which sucks cause I was up all night!

    • Katoun

      I think the chick if from Cool Hand Luke movie 😀

  • misschris

    #12 I stared at that for…. a while. I think I was hypnotized by the bounce, bounce, bounce…

    • @pezatsea

      I like your style misschris


      That's weird…you don't like like you're Lebanese.

  • chvlvr

    just in time for my birthday, thanks chive

  • properjack

    Thank you! I was wondering where all the gif's had gone…….

  • Steverino

    That thing could start an eathquake…..don't let her near any faults !!

    • meh

      what is her name?

      • SpacemanSpiff

        Andressa Soares (aka NSFW)

        • meh

          u sir are a god among men

    • Mars Longhorn

    • j t

      i think thats how you call a cab in mexico,,.dont hate its funny

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