• Lawndart

    My sister's step brother's half cousin's best friend knows someone who heard once that some guy in India made a bunch of money off the internet too. Must be true.

  • sshuggi

    There would have been a brown rain in the Himalayas if that were me.

  • LARF

    Just cleared paraglider level of angry birds next parachutes

  • oliverklosov


  • JR.


  • ComeAtMeBro

    Scum bag vulture: Has entire sky to self
    Flys into your parachute

  • ChaseTheWalker

    How in the eff do you know the vulture wasn't hurt? Did someone interview it afterwards an ask it?!

  • tico

    what is not seen on the video is that the guy is Vladimir Putin..

  • Riggs

    Someone get this man a Keep Calm and Chive On shirt.

    • bob lee swagger

      If us loyal Chivers can't get one no matter how many times we try to order, then NO ONE deserves a shirt

  • http://www.facebook.com/wolfovtheblacksun Vikthor Lobo Torres Rosales

    eat da mutherfucking bird or keep it jaja

    • bob lee swagger

      Are you retarded?

  • Big McLarge Huge

    Now you're trapped in the Himalayans. Survival situation. Eat the vulture. Avoid Yeti

  • Banban

    Nope ! Chuck Testa!

  • Vulture

    Hey baby, you fly these parts oftHOLY SHIT FLYING PERSON!

    aaaaaand I'm stuck…

  • Da Sandman

    pretty lucky guy.. but who the hell was he talking to while crashing through the branches??

  • peelout

    this is why i never go paragliding without my twelve guage

  • etcrr

    guy was very lucky to be alive at all

  • Bear Grylls

    "Crap, I'm stuck in the Himalayan mountains with a vaulter stuck to my parachute, in 20 minutes I better drink my own piss…."

  • Andre

    Ah yes, this is from that movie jurassic park. I’ve seen this.

  • Anonymous

    After that he got bit by a snake and died.

  • PopcornFarts

    Holy fucking hell… the ground was coming fast!
    This dude's got balls of steal!

  • Blake

    I'm a fan of animals…I think they are important…but that bird…I would have stomped all over the bitch..after getting untangled that is

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000119555507 Mark Reynolds


  • Chivoso

    "neither the man nor the bird were seriously harmed"… yeah, but his gear took a helluva beating

  • ...

    For some odd reason I keep imagining the Russian being translated into, "F@ckin bird! Ever hear of a turn signal???"

  • PubicJones

    This happened. He has video of it. So much pussy.

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