Cleavage invented the face slap (44 photos, zero slaps)

  • john

    41 anyone i love her

  • Spywith1eye

    Chive, find #19 and find her now!

  • bazinga!

    8 and 10.

  • TheB0a

    1, 15, and 19.

  • colin

    #33 and all of the rest are awesome but 33 is sexy, gorgeous, cute, adorable, and hot as fuck, and super pretty.

  • Jef Biesinger

    Congratulations, You are the 'Top Narcissistic women in the World'

  • BubbaKazoo

    #19 WOW,… just ….WOW !!!!!!

  • 'berto

    #31 Love the Sgt. Frog phone cover. Oh, yeah–gorgeous girl, too.

  • Bob

    #23 is the best

  • billy

    #26 #32 Get my vote!

  • Mack

    #26 #32 i would get slapped for those

  • mufdvr

    #37 her boobs arent bad either

  • F liepkin

    Hides her necklace name, but her calf tattoo says "Candy!!"

    • The flash

      Lol. Maybe is her stage name.

  • Elmopilot

    Oh, hello #4 and #33…the photography industry welcomes you.

    #29 Catherine Bell – We still want to see more JAG.

  • Mike Pinto

    I would sell my soul for #42. REALLY. (I can't believe I will eventually die without ever having something so lovely–just once.

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