Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (37 Photos)

  • Samantha Kristal

    #3, and then she died..

  • BFM

    #31 Reason #126 that if you live in Arkansas you shouldn't own a Ferrari.

  • Bob

    #32, #33…And that she's been in Australia at least once.

  • James Glenwood

    #33 is awesome. Please Chive I want some MOAR

  • blah

    i wish these pages weren't just half naked chicks.. i like the pics that aren't that but not going to scroll through stuff like that, they should seperate it

  • Renee

    #5 Belongs in Hot Men of the Berry!!!

  • Tyron

    oh yeah!!!

  • B Man

    #17 is lovely

    #27 is just heart warming

  • AnimeEyes19

    #5 anyone else notice that his name tag says “awesome”? Haha!!

  • Penis kicker

    #32 and #33 she's just fucking ugly. Please you and your freckles get out

  • Jesse

    #31 Dude you just fucked up your ferarri!

  • ivypunx

    #8 that's not art. Your contribution equals writing mike was here in the bathroom stall

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