Hmmm…what do we think about girls with hairy arms? (30 Photos)

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  • bill

    hairy arms,= hairy pits,legs,& bush.yes,yummy,yummy,lick.

  • AJA

    the thing about fucking hairy arms is you can fucking shave them dumbass. thats why its funny. they let this happen to themselves

    • steve

      they shouldn't have to. if they don't want to, it's their choice. it's not right to say they're not beautiful because of it.

  • Deven

    i don't see the problem, i mean yeah, some of those chicks have overly long arm hair that would be better if they did do something about it once in a while. But it's not our place to tell them what the fuck they're supposed to look like… at least you're not telling them that to face but you know… Stop being such dicks about it.

  • Disappointed Chiver

    wow, super disappointed. i thought this was supposed to be a place where "real girls" can submit pictures and feel ok about themselves. but i guess "beauty" is defined here as hairless bodies with big boobs and big butts.

  • phydor

    it really shouldn't blow in the wind. my clearly-growing-out-of-me male arm hair doesn't blow in the wind.

  • Beachwurm

    Girls with hairy arms are extra sexy

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  • Fogerty

    Why? Why?!

  • Jason Luna

    wax makers rejoice!

  • LovesArmHair

    I am very attracted to hairy armed chicks… deal with it.

  • Minato

    Wow. So much hate in this comment thread.

    Honestly what someone wants to do with their body is not the business of ranodm strangers. If some girl wants to walk around in a tanktop with her armpits proudly unshaven, however "unclean" it looks to most people (I personally think arm, leg, and underarm hair on women is nothing compared to some of the things I've seen), she should be free to do so and those who tell her she should shave/wax/laser it for their convenience can go eat a million dicks.

  • rogerhouston

    Sexiest women in the world.

  • jeff

    Hell YES !! not too many of dudes like us and can't really talk about it cause folks think we're gay or something weird. The way I see it girls naturally have it, and of course I naturally love to smell and rub my face on it ! Hairy women are so sexy, great indication on a nice sex drive too.

    I say ease up on the manikin look ladies, keep that natural skin, so rare.

    • riparianfrstlvr

      i agree with Jeff and anybody else that likes arm hair or any other hair for that matter. to me all this shaving is pedophilic in nature, when i see all these shaved, waxed, and over-exfoliated women i think of a small child. but i feel that all the hair removal for both men and women is spawned from a media induced germ-o-phobia.

  • Fernando

    meh not a big deal, id ask any of these girls out 😉

  • Sarah

    Men need to learn that hair on a woman in NORMAL. What is disgusting about any of these pictures? These are normal women, who haven't been airbrushed or subjected themselves to torturous hair removal methods. How many of the haters here expect women to be hairless, whilst doing little or no grooming themselves? Why don't you have to put up with itchy, bleeding and bruised pubic areas, because women do not like hair on men's genitalia?

  • Alexis

    All you pigheads who posted something negative about these girls obviously doesn't get the point! This started as an attempt to help them feel good about themselves! So if you want to see fake women who are flawless ( thanks to photoshop ) go @&$* yourselves!!!

  • dbo

    #24 Oddly enough, there are people somewhere out there that are turned on by this..

    • dbo

      Ooops, i meant #26

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  • jabba

    lovely so sexy

  • T M

    bunch of shallow, "small" men on here…or should i say boys?

  • luke

    I love hairy girls

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