• Anonymous

    Omg they are quick!!

  • Neal

    what india doesn't have is HD cameras

    • https://www.facebook.com/nightcrawler.synd Arjun Suresh

      Neal,Do you carry a HD camera everytime you go somewhere?

    • Chris

      Hahaha man ur comment made me laugh forreal!

  • ggg

    The first video is from Ilford in the UK. AKA Little India its a shit hole!

    • https://www.facebook.com/nightcrawler.synd Arjun Suresh

      Haters gonna hate!! 😀

  • http://Facebook Papyjunky

    The man w/ the juice f&(;(?n’ crazy

  • Thims

    I tried to start doing this back when I was a carryout because bagging groceries got to be such a repetitive task, my boss almost fired me because I wasn't being careful enough with peoples canned foods.

  • Filippe

    all of those guys did it like a boss

  • hey

    To be very honest… These are awesome skills from people with a heritage, class and culture. I bet non of you haters can make attribute of even just one of the above mentioned… american… pahh

  • Anonymous

    Well GODDAM!!! Those people are superhumans

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