• Lisa

    when the seagulls lost their shit and started flipping out, was anyone else thinking "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" (Finding Nemo, anyone? No?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmartincic Jeff Martincic


  • Marine Biologist

    The whale wasn't about to eat the surfer. It isn't like they blindly gulp at food. The whale knew exactly what it was putting into its mouth. The closest anybody would have been to danger would be from an errant flipper. And the gulls were not attacking anybody either. They were just picking up the scraps left over by the whale.

  • Anonymous

    Surfer…. FIND HER

  • Beavis

    The whale knew exactly what it was putting into its mouth.
    So does my girlfriend.

    • Butthead

      I can vouch for this^

  • https://www.facebook.com/Bodhi.Rochelle Matty Rochelle

    You see all the fish that came up with the whales mouth 😛 awesome!

  • Stern281

    Paddlling around on a surfboard in a bay with no waves does not make one a "surfer". However, paddling around in that NorCal water without a wetsuit does make one "crazy".

  • NielsenAlberto

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  • Bosclar

    Whales are just Krakens without tentacles.

  • Awesome

    Whale NOM!

  • wedgie

    theres my house

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=124100531 Toren Reaves

    I would literally shit my dick.

  • Coldzilla


    And might I add…


  • ugh

    this is like a break.com description of a video. >_<

  • etcrr

    A whale of a video

  • artistsgottaart

    O_O as my brother would say.. butt pucker moment

  • warouvish

    That video is from Santa Cruz, ca. And a pic from that video was on the front page of the local newspaper the other day. All i could think about when i saw it was how dangerous it is to b so close to such an enormous animal. Those people r idiots in my opinion.

  • Ryan

    I guess they really know how to Keep Calm!

  • http://thechive Alex

    OMFG that’s not surfing, get your shit straight.

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