This Mediterranean Mansion comes equipped with a life that doesn’t suck (30 HQ Photos)

Post found via twistedsifter

Listing price: $13,450,000 (USD)
Bedrooms: 5
Full bathrooms: 5
Partial bathrooms: 4

Unique amenities:
– Oceanfront/Waterfront
– 8 open porches
– Outdoor pool with waterfall
– Private elevator
– Rooftop garden/terrace
– Movie room
– Painted murals throughout
– 2-story office

I’ve already put away 75 cents towards buying this house. It’s gonna happen.

  • schnit123

    Damn, right around the corner from me – and before the economic crisis I bet they would have sold it to me too. "What's your income?" "$25,000 a year? I think we can work with you."

  • Verbal_Kint

    No way I could live there. I almost had a fucking seizure just looking at the pictures. Over decorate much?

  • Hugh Jorgan

    Tall Doors. NBA player?

  • SuperDanMan4290

    Nice View of the Ocean on a few pics.


  • jbali17

    Amazing mansion that can't decide if it's in Florida or in the Mediterranean.

  • oldboy

    Has some nice elements #24 #28, but overall kinda tacky and dated if you ask me.

  • joel


  • sixdeadelves

    i'd hate to live in a place that felt like a museum

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  • ImpressMe

    The house is nice….but geezus….who decorated that monstrosity?? We get a catalog called Design Toscano…I swear to God that that house has every item in the catalog…….tacky on a whole new level.

  • etcrr

    nice place as far as what the house has. I reserve the right to redecorate

  • philmeister

    It was nice, if not a bit garish until I saw a game room with IVORY in it. TOTAL KARMA FAIL.

  • MattKL

    Truly amazing. Although #25 would have me worrying that a badly-hit pool ball would shoot off the table and shatter that tank.

  • Smitty

    I think it is all pretty gaudy.

  • Anonymous

    Free knookie to whoever buys this for me;)

  • HardCoreMike

    Another example of an idiot with more money than brains who brought in too many designers to create an over the top piece of shit with no taste and style not too mention functionality. If I had A BILLION DOLLARS I wouldn't create this monstrosity.

  • tonymontana

    Tony Montana at his best

  • ChivettefromGA ;)

    The only problem I see is a lack of wine in the cellar….

  • Horrible Sight

    What a tasteless mishmash !!!

  • Bustanut

    I would have parties there with pornstar chicks, and then find some douchebag trying to steal my mounted swordfish off the wall ….. nah, I’ll pass on that house.

  • Elena Lenkova

    If the owner has 13-and-then-some million dollars, WHY doesn't he hire an architect??
    (Instead of buying and the tacky mediterranean-themed thing he can find and piling them in a giant heap)

  • Hooch

    gotta have…

  • Lessa

    Just 5 Bedrooms but almost 9 bathrooms??? That's crazy. Ok… it looks very beautiful but I would expect to be able to house more people…

  • nuspeed1

    makes me wonder why i didn't get into pharmaceutical sales.

  • Fab

    I saw that this is usamerican, after i saw the first picture. disney-mashupstyles-kitsch-gold-plasmatv-thisisabsolutelynotplastic-style

    why don't you americans prove the world, that you have taste? this is just an tastleless mashup of various styles with a shittload of money. not mediterran.

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