Hot girls in the middle nowhere (28 Photos)

  • TakashiMifune


    I like where this is headed

  • Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

    […] The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere. […]

  • Nicolas Parducci

    #5 bikini is awesome

  • matt

    #11 simply WOW!

  • Adam Taylor Bonsall (@bonzi1319)

    #5. Frigin stunning

  • Kyle White

    #5 Good Lord almighty. Find her, Chive.

    #27 ❤ me some LG. 🙂

  • RoseAlan

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  • Anonymous

    Number 23 is smokin!!!

  • Bob H

    #19 That heart is so perfectly placed!

  • northerner

    An outstanding collection of lovely ladies! Made my day!

  • Will Chung

    #21, where have you been all my life?

  • Tom

    #23 is dangerously close to duck lips but still gorgeous

  • tbaker67

    #22 tell them…sponge bob was here!

  • Damien

    Does anyone know who #24 is? Coz she looks helluva lot like a girl I once knew. Curious if it's actually her.

  • Matt

    #27 is absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • paula_pissflap

    #12 bet she is mint

  • chicago

    #5 Great outer shell, can't smile; triple divrocee and future "cat lady" of the block.
    #13 and #15 Great smiles and endless beauty. Lucky guy to be the one in their lives.

  • Red John

    #5 In the name of all that's holy – OH MY GOD!

  • atl

    #5 wow! What a damn body, sick as hell, we need from her: hump, side boob, burn your bra, dont mind the gap, and too top it all pic of her birthday suit!!!

  • @rikooprate

    #5 #23 MEOW!

  • Jon

    #5…we need many more pics.
    #12…please find her facing the camera

  • gdarkcloud

    It took me a long time to move past #5 then I stopped at #21

  • Mike

    #5, yes please.

  • konaehukai

    #13. Wow. Just Wow.

  • Bob

    #5 and #21…Too hot to be real. Shit aint fair.

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