530hp of 2012 high-res Godzilla (27 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    hot damn #26, the car would be less expensive in the end lmao

  • Christineee

    I call myboyfriends GTR the batmobie 🙂 dark tint all black love it!

    • kire

      Yeah, and I bet you're not the only chick that gets to ride..

      • Jen

        Thats so true, he gave me a ride last week. ; )

  • gdm426

    #22 i will own a Skyline GT-R, she will me mine. Oh yes,,,, she will be mine

    • obv. TRLL

      it's not skyline gt-r, it's just gt-r

  • Zang

    #26…wowsers. The car is amazing, too.

    • jason

      i heard she likes shrimp cocktail

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    Okay Nissan, you'll have made back the money you spent on R&D to make this car after selling out your 2012 models, now you need to lower the price in 2013 to the $45,000 ballpark so I can sell my Lotus and Subaru and buy one.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Well as far as I know it's a fast car that I cannot afford lol

  • http://mattscradle.com/2011/01/24/angry-birds-full-version-free-download-for-pc-mac-and-mobile/ angry birds

    Nice babes.

  • tugbote

    #4 Just a wee bit o' drift @ Nurburgring. Best shot of the post IMO, but #26 Olivia Munn?

    Really, Rick?

  • tugbote

    (Just givin' you a little shit, man. No offense meant)


  • tyler

    orange peel (21)

  • Nickincollege

    #27 What better place is there to drive this car than here?

  • Kane

    Great read mate!really awesome to see how your whole pcreoss from idea to sucses worked:Dtoo bad it’s not in the android store though, I played the game at a friends house and absolutely loved it! but at home I got a 6 year old phone and a samsung tab:(no plans to rewrite the whole thing in java by any chance?:P

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