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Just a few short weeks ago, Josh Krajcik was slinging burritos in Columbus, Ohio. Most people who visited the burrito joint where Josh worked would never guess that Josh has an amazing vocal gift. The 30 year-old Midwesterner had always dreamed of sharing his soulful voice with the world. To that end, his mother drove him across the country to audition for The X-Factor. The video of that audition is below and it’s one of the most inspiring videos going viral right now.

Josh is the ultimate underdog… but he’s fought his way to become one of the 12 Finalists on The X-Factor!

Last night, Josh sent me the photo above and asked me to share something with the Chivers:

“… John, please give a big thanks to all the Chivers out there. I spend a lot of my day taking a break from this insanity to Keep Calm and Chive On.”

Josh is rising to the top and I’d like to get as many Chivers behind him as possible. More on that Wednesday. In the meantime, best of luck to you, Josh. Enjoy the video.

  • Geaux Tigers

    #1 EPIC WIN

  • Jeff

    #5 really chive? Come on.. boo

  • Anaition

    #28 seems legit

  • Zee

    #13 no she's byond shit….

  • chivette3206

    I really think it's disgusting how men find women who are above a size 8 to be "a cow". I'm a lesbian, and my girlfriend is curvy and let me just tell you…. damn. It's fucking hot. Bouncing boobies galore and hips to grab onto… it's hot. Don't kid yourself. So, go ahead and be dicks about the girl on the left being a cow and disgusting… but you're missing out. Oh, and thanks for reminding me why I play for Team Vagina instead of Team Dick. Have a good day and I hope you enjoy scraping your balls across those protruding hip bones.

  • Zatoichi

    #8 I think I might be in love or lust whatever either way MOAR!!!!!

  • etcrr

    #1 reminds me of those water bugs

  • not working

    #27 damn, what happened to your face? Those lips are scary

  • beauty&braids

    #27 beauty

  • jnfiv

    #37 find her immediately. MMMMMMOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR

  • smerek

    #45 #46 Gamer Girl is too fucking awesome

  • Tara

    #27 YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jdown23

    #30__not cool!!!! i wouldve just moved.____#47__josh, i had chills listening to your voice, you are amazing, good luck and chive on!

  • jdown23

    #47 ps your mom is awsome! treat her good!

  • Drel

    #19 #20 #21

    Coincidence Chive? 🙂

  • gerg

    HELL THE FUCK NO! Id have shot it with my shotgun… Just for being a sneaky shit.

  • Amanda Joy

    #37 – Whats up with the forehead and eye brows. Alien vs. Preditor much? Eyes are pretty but holy shit! Wtf!

  • Bob

    Well done Josh. I hope you win and tell the losers to keep calm, and Chive On.

  • KHfan4evr

    #13 I've been told this before. :]

  • p1babyarm

    #13 TRUTH

  • Bianca

    #47 – Amazing! Love his voice. Got goosebumps from the first line. So refreshing to hear a man sing with soul! And not some light pop bull

  • nbuffler

    Chive and fellow Chivers can we locate #20 ?!

  • 1ch3nt31

    #20 & #21 …….Win…

  • b money

    Chivette3206… you’re a moron. Go look at the picture again. Idiot.

  • FreddyStylez

    Holy shit. #8

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