• Yoyo

    Forrest Gump without the footspeed.

  • Tangles

    That was amazing. Well done to both teams to overcome rivalry to gift something like that to a kid who obviously loves the game – and in a playoff game! I love winning as much as anyone else, but this warms the heart. Well done to both teams on a wonderful show of sportsmanship – something that is sometimes lost in the excitement and ferocity of football. It takes a big man to lay a hit, but an even bigger man to extend his hand and pick the guy up afterwards.

  • alex

    he will forget though, patients with down syndrome run a much greater risk of developing dementia.

  • Chode

    Couldn't they at least pretend to run defense against him? Make it feel a little more authentic?

  • Anonymous

    I have an autistic brother and to see a team do this just warms my heart to know that there are people out there who are willing to do something like this. I just wish more people were like this.

  • Matt

    Not sure what to think. I mean, the kid has an extra chromosome, so isn't he advantaged kinda like juicing at the genetic level?

  • Mike

    This is a nice gesture by the opposing team and all but I work with an adaptive recreation coordinator and we were talking because this has happened a couple of times in washington already. It's good and bad because it shows that people care and have heart but it's giving these kids with down syndrome the wrong idea. What's going to happen when they leave high school and everyone else goes off to their next step in life? People in the real world are not going to do things like this and it's making these kids think that this will happen later in life. The kid that was able to do the same thing here in washington got so big headed that he would grope young girls because he thought it was okay because he was the big man on campus. It's giving them the wrong idea and shouldn't it be enough that they are able to suit up with the players?

  • Ben


  • Caab

    this is why we still have faith in humanity

  • Jay

    That, folks, is a field full of Chivers!

  • Boz


  • chadwick james

    Kind of like Forrest Gump. Im proud of those fellas though.

  • http://awesometotallyproductions.blogspot.com/2011/01/swanson-isms.html ejc138

    You sure he wasnt just a fat asian I always get them confused.

  • the_Dud

    cool sportsmanship

  • drew

    T.D.'s for Tards….

    • nitro

      Fuck yourself….I hope you have to watch your entire family die the slowest and most painful deaths imaginable and each of their last words is them telling you that they have always hated you.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    tear jerking jerks!!!

  • qwertz

    I bet he is his team best player.
    Anyway, http://i.imgur.com/InLMn.jpg

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand what makes people talk shit about mentally handicapped people… Get a fucking life. What happened in your life that you have to pick on these people? I’d bet everything I own that all of you guys are incompetent little fucks who never succeeded in anything and now your trying to get a little attention by throwing words like retard around. Get a fucking life, tools.
    Much love to that team, we used to do the same thing at my highschool for another team. It takes one minute of your time but affects his life forever.

  • EmersonDona

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=30402995 Vinz Clortho

    Someone should have sacked him for a loss, stripped the ball, and ran it back for a touchdown.

  • dhonnie

    touchdown in the heart..

  • badge 46

    I really don't understand hoe anyone can be against this video…you guys need a fuckin reality check in your lives!

  • Jacob

    I can't tell if this is inspiring or degrading..

  • Conan Smith

    What kind of shit is that!!! Tackle him!!!! He wants to be treated like he is like everyone else then pound him to the ground and tell him nice try!!! LIKE YOU WOULD ANYONE ELSE!!!! My wife has that and I take her to pound town everyday like she likes it!!!

  • M.O.T.

    You want sportmanship search paolo di canio fair play on youtube. That's brilliant.

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