Just trolling the ‘Con girls (16 Photos)

  • xiac

    somebody put that guy 'at ease'

  • gerg

    HAHAHAHAHA! i LOL'd through the whole thing!

  • KHfan4evr

    Still haven't posted my yoko.

  • Majin

    New trend: Stand up planking!!!


    GREAT SHIRT!!!! I love that 'merica is getting on board with the greatest game in the world. Not much into the MLS but Seattle seems to be one heck of a "soccer" city. Well done brother, well done!!!

  • Steel

    Man….am I the only one that laughed at this? I guess its a bit of the dry, andy coffman type humor. Every one of them had to just be thinking "creep", but then again it probably isn't the first time they saw someone lock up at one of those cons. That being the first time they left the house in a few months. idk…cracked me up.

  • Anonymous

    Go Sounders!

  • Danno

    Funniest damn thing I've seen today!

  • doctorgonzomd

    Looks scared shitless of the females…….

  • oranglewat

    *Fry squinting his eyes.
    Not sure if trolling or just awkward around girls.

  • Always Last


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