A Chive-worthy college experience (57 Photos)

There were a ton of great Chiver's college submissions last week. So if your photo didn't make it this week maybe it will next week. There are no restrictions other than that we want the photos to revolve around your college. Also, be creative, this is your chance to showcase your awesome university. So don't be boring.

If you would do me a favor and mention what specific college you attend, I'll be sure to mention it somewhere in the photo. You can send the photos directly to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com or to the handy Chive submit page HERE. Lets continue to ratchet this up even more. And by God, make sure to have some fun.

  • BlaqBear

    holy crap i made it in the post im super pumped

  • sumdood

    reppin University of Dayton the hidden gem of the midwest…. top four places to celebrate St. Paddies BTW…

  • Andrew

    #26 – I think the one on the right is gay … and the one on the left … and the one second from the left for that matter

  • dackjaniels

    #12 youre doing it wrong

  • Nate Curlott

    WIU!! GO Leathernecks!! Chive on from the boys in 417C Grote!!

    • Chris

      #49 LEATHERNECKS!! Represent from the best college in Illinois!

  • WLUisbetter

    K-W represent!

    • Silky

      If you wanted to represent KW, you would put up Oktoberfest pics, not WLU pics. WLU is more of a shame on the region than a boost.

  • http://twitter.com/mkingscott @mkingscott

    I hate to think what our (UK) universities look like in comparison :-s I wish I was young again. And in the US. And rich. And handsomer.

    • the_Dude

      pretty much sucks to be you huh?

  • Lili

    #46 needs photoshop lessons…how NOT to smart blur the crap out of yourself

  • Bubba

    #55 Find, you know which one.

  • Marcis

    #6 #9 (PINK) #32 FIND

  • mike

    #51, that would be PADDY'S day not Patty's you fucking 'tard. 'Mericans adopting an ancestry and not even bothering to get it right!

  • chicago

    #27 — Yoga pants should be on every Girl for everyday wear. No limit to college days.
    #6 and #39 — should be easy to do: FIND NOW,Now,now…

  • Bobolink

    #25 I have MS. Thank God for college students!

  • DSB

    #14 #19 are outrageous. #30 Just WINNING

  • Ben

    #39 Rocky Top, Tocky top… GO VOLS. You should be a recruiter

  • Dapper_Dave

    #21 GO HAWKS!!
    #23 GO…..this!!!

  • John

    #3, #49, #30

    all reference Western Illinois University home of the Leathernecks so you should just come here!!!!

  • SweetDannyJ

    #25 I can affirm this 100% Hometown baby!
    #34 FINISH HIM!!

    • Dan E

      Oh I'm pretty sure Joe Pa is finished all right.

  • McFly

    I'll have what she's having #23 #32

  • namehere

    #42 watched the game and noticed her during it. Lucky man there

    • John

      crybaby…. she needs a real man

  • reznor

    You Americans are weird, hot but very weird

  • Ben

    Rocky Top Rocky Top! #39 you should be a recruiter.

  • markkens

    Florida 20; Georgia 24. Auburn is next. Although the hot female of the species was well represented by FL.

  • AnonyLegion

    #57 was that before or after Georgia handed your your 5th straight loss?

  • Micks

    #19 *drools

    #27 where do i sign in… MOAR OF HER PLEASE!

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