Australian couple asks the Chivers to name their puppy! (11 Photos)

Two of our Australian Chivers, David and Ally, recently brought home a red miniature Dachshund. "We were so excited for our little puppy!" exclaimed Ally, "The runt of the litter hardly ever barks and just wants to cuddle with everybody."

All is right with the world in the suburbs of Sydney, save for one thing… the little guy doesn't have a name.

David and Ally are both huge Chivers and they've asked a favor - They want the Chivers to name their new pup. Done. All you have to do is propose a name in the comments below and the name that gets the most thumbs will win. Ally and David will send us back the images of the pup wearing his collar with the name engraved.

Because of the pagination of our comments, I might whittle it down to the Top 10 names and have a final vote tomorrow if there is no a clear winner. Get those creative naming juices going and have fun.

Also, the poor pup's name cannot be First so don't even bother.

Leave your name suggestions in the comments below!

  • einhorn87


    • Mr. H

      Tit Muncher

      • thepoopsmith

        Fat shit dog

    • Chivacy Please

      "Banger" (As in Bangers & mash an Aussie dish of Sausages and Mashed Potatoes) – and I want to Bang Her!

    • Randy

      Dr. Baconsausage!!!

    • Frank M

      Lucky Bastard!!! or L.B. for short. 🙂

  • Vicster915

    Just name em Chive, WTF

    • Alex

      Professor chivesworth would be better.

      • Christian Lander

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        • Legion

          Black people like dogs so that they can bet on dog fighting.

    • jrey81

      someone on pg 8 came up with DAR-WIN… i think it fits too…

    • Dan Crowley

      Halp. You know, so when you're calling his name out.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Chivey, a little more of a dog name. That chick is smoking hot as well.

    • Brittany

      Agreed! Chive is a perfect name!

      • Brittany

        OR "Chiver"

    • wakowako

      how about Poontang

    • tomcothrun

      You know I saw him and tought Jake, but Chive takes gold shortly followed by BFM!

  • Matt_tatt

    Rico or Ralph

    • touch my d

      chewbacca is appropriate

  • SkyVader


    • Dirty Dingus

      {Read in 'Simpsons Australian Teenager' voice}
      "That's a funny name…I would 'av called him a Chazwazzer"

  • Tyler Hales


  • Ders


  • Dave

    Dougie. Show me how to dougie.

    • nicole

      one cannot be shown how to dougie.. one must be taught.

  • carl


    • timberwolf

      as in Bill Fuckin Murray?

      • carl

        yeah, strange how i get voted down, but 3 posts below me is winning the race.

  • riley


    Nice rack.

    That's not a name suggestion, I'm just sayin'

    • ROK247

      how 'bout "SPLOOGE" cuz DAAAAAANG ally…

      sorry – honestly it was the first word that came to mind!

      • Barry McKokkinner

        How about Rackford in honour of those great bewbs?

    • ZachBob

      I say name the dog Nice Rack in honor of Ally's nice rack. Also, we need more of Ally.

    • Widdly_Scuds

      "Booby", a little degrading though.

    • murray

      his name should be puppy of course

    • B.I.

      If he keeps tugging on her shirt, I'll just call him "good boy".

  • Firi


    After Oscar Mayer weiners!

    • diddles


  • todrunk2

    Bill Murray would be an appropriate name.

    • dawwshucks

      how bout just Murray

      • Katie

        That's like how Marley from Marley and Me got his name from Bob Marley

        • uberbrie

          I vote for Murray as a nickname but Murray the Destroyer should be his proper name.

          • ROK247

            MURRAY THE DESTROYER, first of his name. King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm

      • Bob

        I agree Just Murray.

      • Zedd


    • mac3223

      I agree just Murray

    • nuatnick

      "murray" would be more appropriate. one name is good for a dog. easy to say and easy to call when you need to call for him

    • BenCruz00

      Bill "FUCKING" Murray

  • jealousof dog


    • Yak Surfer

      With an owner like that….I second "Lucky"!!!

  • guest


    • Chris

      Now that is good.

  • Arktik_Arkitekt

    #11 Are we naming the twins as well?

    • Nick

      Nifty and Sparkle

    • ROK247

      OM and NOM

      • sureman123

        second that!!!

    • KELLAR

      Mr. Lahey

    • Paula's mom

      Thelma & Louise

    • Wet_tosti

      Motor & Boat!

  • eskankita

    american badass

    • G Monie

      I dont think they really care about all that in Australia…

      • MeatloafAlsoMeatloaf

        pretty sure they call it … "normal Australian"

        • Damian Oneill

          Actually we call so-so Australia or Melbourne for short.

  • Rose Smedile


    • Cletus

      Good suggestion!

  • Mike


  • Javier Hands

    I Say name him Chivy-Chiv

  • thomas


  • hausmaus

    Wesley. Look's like a Wesley to me.

    • Aquanox12

      I'm not so much a fan of the Harry Potter reference. My girlfriend has two snails named after the Wesley twins, i advocate Bill Murray!

      • hausmaus

        Good lord…I was completely ignorant of the fact that was a HP ref. I retract my suggestion. IMMEDIATELY!!

        • Roclawzi

          Because it wasn't a Harry Potter reference. That's Weasley, not Wesley. Wesley made me think of Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride, which would be a great reference for the name!

          • KHfan4evr

            Yes, Wesley. Approve.

    • ADT

      Uh. Wesley isn't a Harry Potter reference. It's a name. Weasley is Harry Potter.

    • Chuck

      You're all wrong, Wesley is a Clone High Reference. Clone high ftw.

      • The_Dood

        One of the only good things MTV ever did.

        • lol.

          nailed it with wesley

  • DooperGuest

    Freaking A….. name him Freaking A

  • Abe


  • aaron


  • StaticFX

    "Evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz"

    "Stains" 🙂

    "Bill Fucking Murray"

    • smalls

      haha Come Stains!

      • BentWrenches

        stains gets my vote

  • ChivetteTarra

    awww he looks like a Mr. Wigglesworth to me 🙂

    • @xgbarry

      funny thats my gamertag on Xbox

      • 032

        hand in your man card……

    • Harold


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