Australian couple asks the Chivers to name their puppy! (11 Photos)

Two of our Australian Chivers, David and Ally, recently brought home a red miniature Dachshund. "We were so excited for our little puppy!" exclaimed Ally, "The runt of the litter hardly ever barks and just wants to cuddle with everybody."

All is right with the world in the suburbs of Sydney, save for one thing… the little guy doesn't have a name.

David and Ally are both huge Chivers and they've asked a favor - They want the Chivers to name their new pup. Done. All you have to do is propose a name in the comments below and the name that gets the most thumbs will win. Ally and David will send us back the images of the pup wearing his collar with the name engraved.

Because of the pagination of our comments, I might whittle it down to the Top 10 names and have a final vote tomorrow if there is no a clear winner. Get those creative naming juices going and have fun.

Also, the poor pup's name cannot be First so don't even bother.

Leave your name suggestions in the comments below!

  • Juu

    name that puppy – Gambit.

  • jonandrachie

    Mr. Tushy Gushins.

  • mike

    All hot dogs come with "mustard" or "Relish"

  • Sosefo Mailangi

    "LUCKY" …and you know why!!!

  • phonzo


  • daryl


  • Bmx


  • michael

    Klaus VonSharnhorst

  • Michael

    Klaus Reinhard VonSharnhorst

  • great googly moogly


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