Classic hollywood: when men were men and ladies were ladies (60 photos)

  • shakespeare

    #36 and #38
    For both these gents got one phrase
    "Like a Boss"

  • APBTFan


    Atticus Finch. Gregory Peck was top notch and perfectly played the type of man every man should aspire to be.


    Steve McQueen is the ultimate badass. Raced motorcycles, patented his own race car seat and was unholy awesome with his GT-390 in Bullitt – he even did his own driving!


    Jayne Mansfield! One of the few that could grab attention away from Sophia Loren.


    Audrey Hepburn? Oh hoh hoh hoh. What an absolute doll! Class like that is dead today. I was born in '72 and even I miss those days. They were first class gals back then. Barbara Stanwyck will forever hold my heart.

  • Beluga

    Does anyone know where this photo was taken. The label on the beer look like Karlovacko – Croatian No.1 beer so I assume it was somwhere on the Adriatic. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Classic

    What's the matter No Everlast? Didn't get in to filmschool?

  • Anonymous

    Nice one, gents. Redford, Bogart, Rat Pack et. al., however, I feel it’s probably a good thing that Connor, Murphy and Rocko are fictional characters because there’s no DUKE FUCKIN’ WAYNE!! WTF guys??

  • DaBoSS

    I'm a huge fan of Classic Hollywood,but let me tell you something,they were as self-destructive then as they are now.The one thing this new generation of Hollywood "Stars" lack is Class & Etiquette,which these people had in spades.

  • the chird

    #49 – I stick my neck out for no one.

  • anonymous coward

    Ah, good old times when men were REAL men, women were REAL women and small furry creatures from Alpha-Centauri were REAL small furry creatures from Alpha-Centauri.

  • Bob

    #10…Bogart was the man.
    #14…Bitch is still hot.
    #17…Before the internet and smart phones, people were boringly productive.
    #60…Wow, Dorothy was kind of hot.

  • Larry

    Man what happened?

  • Willie McCoy

    Paul Newman is what all men should strive to be.

  • Dickle

    Man that was Rad. Thanks for posting those Chive. Super cool. Sad to see Sharon Tate. Her life cut short like that. F*&k you Manson!!!!

  • doctorgonzomd

    Fair amount of smoking going on back then…. Love me some Diana Rigg! #39

  • Anonymous

    Needs more Brando


    dose anyone have Yul Bryner please post

  • Katie O

    great posts. love these men and women. love old movies.

  • freddy boy

    This series has touched me deeply. It's a great day to be alive.

  • Retired Navy

    What???? No John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Heston, Douglas?????

  • bob

    marilyn monroe=overdose
    judy garland=overdose
    marlon Brando=morbid obesity
    Rock Hudson =AIDS all the while denying himself
    Roman Polanski= Child molester
    Frank Sinatra= mob connections

    Aaaah yes, class acts

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