Same face syndrome strikes again…(14 Photos 1 GIF)

  • Anonymous

    I call it the red iron

  • W

    She’s an ambiturner … like Derek Zoolander

    • Timmy J

      Zoolander was NOT an ambiturner considering ambi means both and he couldn’t turn left. Nice try though

  • Oscar Cornejo

    She might have one side face but her boobs looks just delicious xD I wont mind, use a paper bag people

  • etcrr

    I'd hit it, …..once

  • josh

    Not even once

  • @myawfulroommate

    this is only 14 photos, my guess is she has some bitchy "friend" who went through all 500 photos the girl probably has on facebook and put this together to make her look dumb.

  • Your momma

    Look, she’s a redhead, she’s pretty and she has a nice rack. Maybe she just isn’t comfortable having her photo taken.

  • http://what james

    Maybe that’s her War Face … maybe she’s really wearing a mask… maybe she spent YEARS perfecting that pose, as in, “this is my good side.”.

  • Anonymous

    Give it a rest. She’s just a little different

  • ssj drittz

    She’s beautiful chivers don’t hate just make her give the O face

  • Crimson K-9

    They all look alike in the dark. Or facing the headboard….

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  • DaBoSS

    i have a sister who poses on her left too,same stupid pose everytime.Had a friend who made an idiotic duck face during each party,normal poses when we just hung out or went out of the city.

  • Caribbean Joe

    If you look close, you can see she has a wide face. Probably has her eye a little farther apart than most, so by doing the side angle shot, it hides her weird looking face.

  • gary

    scary bro

  • jdown23

    why is she wearing the same clothes in all the pics?do some laundry girl!

  • meh

    Still better than a goddamn duckface.

  • jimmy

    I still would!


    Ha! I sent Chive the link to these pics a while back! Awesome!

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