Josh Krajcik is one inspirational Chiver (28 Photos)

Just a few short weeks ago, Josh Krajcik was slinging burritos in Columbus, Ohio. Most people who visited the burrito joint where Josh worked would never guess that Josh has an amazing vocal gift. The 30 year-old Midwesterner had always dreamed of sharing his soulful voice with the world. To that end, his awesome mother drove him across the country to audition for The X-Factor. As you'll see in the video below, Josh crushed the audition. Then last week, Josh was named to the Final 11 contestants competing for the life-changing $5 Million dollar prize.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, Josh contacted me. He simply wanted to let me know that theCHIVE has helped keep him calm through all the insanity. I posted the photo below in the DAR on Monday and Josh also wanted me to personally thank the Chivers for all their support in the comments, as well as the LOL's.

Josh is the ultimate underdog and he's also one of the most genuine people I've met. And tonight he's going to take the stage on The X-Factor to attempt to bring himself one step closer to his dream. I know a lot of Chivers are fans of The X-Factor, and many of us prefer to watch Top Gear on BBC America (b/c it's awesome). But tonight one of our own is going out to perform and the Chivers can help affect the outcome.

The X Factor starts tonight at 8/7c on Fox. You can vote Toll-free and Verizon Text message. You can even vote online at TheXFactorUSA.

Let's show our support Josh, he's an inspiration and the world is a better place with him entertaining us in it. Makes me proud to be a Chiver. Good luck tonight, Josh!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Josh’s amazing audition below.

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  • Dan

    You got my vote brother. I saw on the first show. When you came out, NO ONE thought that voice was going to come out of you. You're a good man! Don't let fame get to you as it has so many others. Keep Calm and Chive on!

  • Bongzilla

    I usually hate these shows and thought he was going to suck…then he opened his mouth. Holy crap this guy can sing. I'll vote for you, but I still won't watch the show. Good luck.

  • winksterKincardine

    I have never watched X-Factor, had no interest, inclination or reason too….until now. Keep Calm and Chive On to the $5 Mil, Josh. I'm even gonna vote for your Burrito Slingin' ass!

  • Dick Salad

    It's gonna be a tough call between him and Drew Ryniewicz but that being said. I believe with full conviction Drew will automatically have a spot in the industry and sign a record deal regardless of where she ends up in the competition. Winning a cool five million will be pale in comparison to what she is going to make. So my vote always tends to go to Josh.

  • Bill

    I feel like a racist, cause I was pretty sure the guy was Dave Chapelle.

  • Sinjin Lewis

    Josh, you had better wear a shirt to rep theChive on your next appearance!!! Chive On dude, amazing voice, I teared up a bit, you bastard lol. Keep Calm and Chive on, bud.

  • Owen Smithers

    #6 Donned, not dawned.

  • Marcus

    Chive on and good luck Josh.

  • Guy

    #7 moar

  • kevin

    Thanks Josh for showing some love for the people that make it happen. You will now be taken care of and will always look and sound the best. Chive On!!

  • paulhitchcock

    I admit to never wanting to watch this show because I'm sick of the whole "American Idol/The Voice/Whatever" genre of shows. I will watch tonight. Good luck, Josh.

    Is there a bar around here? Hilarious.


  • Anonymous

    The crew guy in #17 molests collies

  • Dick Folgers

    Am I the only one that watched that video and thought, "Shit, I really need to call my mom"?

  • dallenforth

    Chive on and Win Josh, you can do this!

  • SweetDannyJ

    Dude… That rocked. sik voice

  • Patski

    Hats off to you friend. I hope you go all the way. After seeing that intro I can see how much you want it and how much your going to let everyone that helps you on the way know how much they've inspired you.

  • Ltrain

    #24 & #7… NEED MOAR!

  • Cooter

    Woah. That's all I want to say. Never paid attention to these shows before but I will watch and I will vote for Josh.

  • nojoke420

    He sounds like a cross between Bob Seger and Joe Cocker. Good luck Josh

    • Jim Doe

      Thats EXACTLY what I told my wife at least someone else has a decent taste in music.

  • Justin

    who cares, that show is lame and so was the song he was singing.

  • Chris

    Wholly Sh**…. Truly AMAZING
    I am 42 heterosexual male and dude gave me chills!!
    Chive on Josh!!

  • Mistie

    AWESOME JOB! Congrats to you!! I have never gotten the chills from singing before and you blew me away. Good Luck

  • jdown23

    dude, how tall is this guy?! he looms over almost everyone, but given these girls may be ultra tiny.

  • Slick_Nick

    Josh seems like an all around genuinely good fella, he has my support, hope the rest of the Chivers agree and get him to the top, i know i will 🙂 Keep Calm and ChiveON josh….a Greek Chivers support!

  • Adrianna Fitzwater

    This guy is effing amazing!!

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