Josh Krajcik is one inspirational Chiver (28 Photos)

Just a few short weeks ago, Josh Krajcik was slinging burritos in Columbus, Ohio. Most people who visited the burrito joint where Josh worked would never guess that Josh has an amazing vocal gift. The 30 year-old Midwesterner had always dreamed of sharing his soulful voice with the world. To that end, his awesome mother drove him across the country to audition for The X-Factor. As you'll see in the video below, Josh crushed the audition. Then last week, Josh was named to the Final 11 contestants competing for the life-changing $5 Million dollar prize.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, Josh contacted me. He simply wanted to let me know that theCHIVE has helped keep him calm through all the insanity. I posted the photo below in the DAR on Monday and Josh also wanted me to personally thank the Chivers for all their support in the comments, as well as the LOL's.

Josh is the ultimate underdog and he's also one of the most genuine people I've met. And tonight he's going to take the stage on The X-Factor to attempt to bring himself one step closer to his dream. I know a lot of Chivers are fans of The X-Factor, and many of us prefer to watch Top Gear on BBC America (b/c it's awesome). But tonight one of our own is going out to perform and the Chivers can help affect the outcome.

The X Factor starts tonight at 8/7c on Fox. You can vote Toll-free and Verizon Text message. You can even vote online at TheXFactorUSA.

Let's show our support Josh, he's an inspiration and the world is a better place with him entertaining us in it. Makes me proud to be a Chiver. Good luck tonight, Josh!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Josh’s amazing audition below.

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  • blackandblue

    I hate that all the teenage bitches are so judgmental at the beginning. FU! But he is AMAZING!

  • rajohnsonphotography

    i actually got chills listening to him. that dude has some chops!

  • mrjimmyos

    Can……Can I get my picture taken with josh too? 😀

  • Hollywood_Nigel

    he gonna get my vote not only because of being a fellow chiver but because of that awesome laugh at the end of his video

  • Ryan M

    I freakin love being a chiver! Because you are right John, if all the chivers voted for Josh, we could swing that vote his way for sure, I've never actually voted for any contestant on any show like this before, but I feel compelled to vote for Josh tonight, and any other night he is up for voting. I see why he got pics with all the crew members, especially #7, #13, #24, and #20, some smokin' hot crew members, lol. Good Luck Josh!

  • LG_

    He is extraordinary! Keeping my fingers crossed for him – sure as hell is one talented guy. 🙂

  • sobnyc

    I would pay good money to hear him sing joe cocker "with a little help from my friends"
    good luck man

    • sobnyc

      this version to be exact

    • TitoRigatoni

      Here you go:

      You're welcome

      • sobnyc

        thanks man. sick

  • TheBatman!!!

    Holy Crap!!! This game made me tear up like a lil girl! I’m definitely supporting our fellow Chiver!

  • jesse h.

    Please Josh sing some Otis Redding my man. You have the talent, you would kill it. "These Arms of Mine" would be your song to tie up all age groups. Make it happen.

  • who knew

    Is is wrong to think his mom is kinda hot? I know I am one of the older dudes on here.

    Dude can sing also!

  • rickyh

    Simply amazing!
    Chive on Josh!

  • jjjmc

    Heart-warming, Chicken soup for the soul type story

  • Jeremy Sias

    #7 & #24 MOAR!!! Good luck Josh!

  • T_Bag

    Holy shit, Josh, you made 'At Last' your bitch!!! Best of luck, you've got my vote, and kudos to your most awesome Mom!

  • Ciggy~Num~Num

    awesome voice!! hope he kicks ass tonight!!

    CHIVE ON!!!

  • Rob Pisani

    well done Josh, awesome voice.

    Here's to you going all the way!

  • Micks

    evil laught at the end rules.. i loved the audition THE BEST OF LUCK and what about that burrito job? still avaialble? lol

  • Jason

    Good luck man hope you kill it. Loved the moment when you flipped Simons world on your audition. The dude had written you off you could see it. Then you sang……flipped! Best of luck bro and chive on!

  • Donned not Dawned

    You should use "donned" instead "dawned" in this sentence: "In true Chive fashion, Josh dawned Bill F*cking Murray and got his photo taken with all the crew on the show, what a class act."

  • Ltrain

    Josh- stop reading these comments, get #7 and #24 to become Chivettes, and start practicing your vocals so you can win this show and become a Legend of Chive Nation. Get to work, Doonie!

  • ur3minutesrup

    "donned" not "dawned". You write for a living. Stop depending on spellcheck.

  • jjj

    "Josh dawned Bill F*cking Murray"
    I'm not sure if that means washing it in dish washing soap or just putting in on at daybreak.
    Next time try

  • thrillho

    As Billy Madison once said…."He's Good"

    Chive On, Josh!

  • Paul

    I’ll be there to vote for him. Damn good singer. And 1 up for blackandblue, so right!

    Good luck Josh!

  • bkfrijoles

    #10 he is the man of the people!! who is this foxy lady in #13?

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