Josh Krajcik is one inspirational Chiver (28 Photos)

Just a few short weeks ago, Josh Krajcik was slinging burritos in Columbus, Ohio. Most people who visited the burrito joint where Josh worked would never guess that Josh has an amazing vocal gift. The 30 year-old Midwesterner had always dreamed of sharing his soulful voice with the world. To that end, his awesome mother drove him across the country to audition for The X-Factor. As you'll see in the video below, Josh crushed the audition. Then last week, Josh was named to the Final 11 contestants competing for the life-changing $5 Million dollar prize.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, Josh contacted me. He simply wanted to let me know that theCHIVE has helped keep him calm through all the insanity. I posted the photo below in the DAR on Monday and Josh also wanted me to personally thank the Chivers for all their support in the comments, as well as the LOL's.

Josh is the ultimate underdog and he's also one of the most genuine people I've met. And tonight he's going to take the stage on The X-Factor to attempt to bring himself one step closer to his dream. I know a lot of Chivers are fans of The X-Factor, and many of us prefer to watch Top Gear on BBC America (b/c it's awesome). But tonight one of our own is going out to perform and the Chivers can help affect the outcome.

The X Factor starts tonight at 8/7c on Fox. You can vote Toll-free and Verizon Text message. You can even vote online at TheXFactorUSA.

Let's show our support Josh, he's an inspiration and the world is a better place with him entertaining us in it. Makes me proud to be a Chiver. Good luck tonight, Josh!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Josh’s amazing audition below.

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  • Shan Haroon

    Representing! Good luck !!!

  • Cornfused

    Crushed it.

  • McFly

    I tried to vote but….

    "Twitter voting is not available in your location"

    Bah, fuck them then!
    Best of luck Josh, hope I was able to vote and help a bit.

    • McFly

      Not hope. Wish lol

  • Grodon

    #7 #20 #24
    find them all 😀

  • Grodon

    Tried to vote for you Josh but no voting from Canada 😦

  • Wenders76

    pic 3# has zombies watch out Josh!!! – good luck from Australia mate

  • Marlso

    What a legend!! I nearly bloody started crying in my office!! Good luck from Australia Josh!!

  • Marlso

    Also….MOAR of #24 PLEASE!!

  • SmallD

    #20 mooooar please

  • Stoute Boudjies

    He poed with Rebecca Black and didn't give her a kick in the cunt? I have no respect for this man.

  • Shrapnel

    Just finished watching X-Factor here in New Zealand. Another great performance from Josh.

    Keep calm and Chive on Josh , , , we'll be watching you in the finals.

  • SMaz

    Never written a comment to a web site in my life but the support of Josh made me do it. The guy is amazing and this is coming from an almost middle-aged guy, living in Newport Beach with his wife and kid. We all can't wait for him to sing every night; he killed it again tonight.

    Josh and that 7 year old rapper were un-freaking-believable tonight.

  • Dragos_Nei

    #3 GSP cut a bit of size.

  • t00sh0rt


  • Christopher McRae

    Josh…my girl and I listen to your amazing voice every single week…I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear you rock some Pearl Jam! You are in our prayers my friend…god bless and good luck!

  • robo

    i have never voted for anyone on any type of show, but jish has been my favorite in this competition since i seen his audition. but you never really know what kind of ppl you are helping into fame. after seeing this I voted for josh last night. hope he wins it all. give em hell dude!

  • Houston

    I love that stupid ass look on the girls face at 2:22, as if to say "this fat slob is going to suck". And then he goes and makes you look like a total bitch-whore. Great job Josh, you have my vote man.

  • JosephAbby

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  • JohnSavolaine

    great stuff. Someone mentioned Josh covering Otis Redding tunes, which would be killin. Maybe some Bill Withers, too….

    Hey Josh, when you get that recording contract, come back to Columbus and use our great musicians here to do the sessions! I've got you covered on drums….!

  • MarkInNC

    WOW! I just took a break at work to watch Josh's video and it was incredible! I haven't watched the show, but I will now be watching and pulling for him. I hope one day when things calm down he'll read through all of these comments and if he does, all I can say is… Well done sir… well done indeed.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #7 FIND HER! And while you're at it Chive, make her a chivette! 🙂 She just radiates an aura of "beautiful"

  • Eder St Cool

    Some of those girls are hot. And good luck Josh, you really are a class act. And you needing a bar at the end? Awesome-ness 10x.

  • Anonymous

    Hometown fan!! We love josh and are so proud of how far he has come! We all knew long ago that he had the “X-Factor”:)

  • John Best


  • billst

    Inspirational indeed… good luck Josh!

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