Real girls going for the Pin-up look (53 Photos)

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  • chefchrisg

    really just one

  • twentysix

    Goddammit. I’m not going to the brigade site. Knock this shit off.

    • tmo

      Agreed, it just makes it more awkward to get from one gallery to another rather than saving time like they intended.

  • Shadow Kearsley

    Is it just me, or are the other 52 missing? I’m having deja vu of this incident…

  • Alsante

    Knock it off. If anything this is stopping me from ever visiting the brigade with all this shinanagins. Its like a bad infomercial. Click here for 52 pictures. Now here is just one, act now and go here and you get the other 51

  • http://None R

    We’re not going to occupy the brigade because of this shit! I’m done clicking on this link. My chive time is ruined everytime I click for 53 photos and only see 1.

  • William McCauley II

    Day is just ruined now dam it

  • Larry

    Can please fix it so the forward button doesn't take us to the brigade site. As a former military man I enjoy some of that site but I don't want to be forced to go there then reopen the chive to find where I was surfing your site. Thanks in advance.

    • Whubbsie

      I second this, it's annoying having to then come back and find your place.
      Hell keep it linked to the Brigade but at least make the forward button on there link back to the next post on The Chive

      and yeah I know "First world problem"

  • Anonymous

    Bull shit!

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