• stewie

    Not bad for a commie

  • FrequentGuest

    why the pictures/video/music interpreting the speech? why not let it speak for itself? interesting how people influence it with all the modern day icons etc… seems like someone twisted ole Chaplin's words. Leave his words be Chive. I love you, but for God's sake don't use your popularity as a soap box please.

  • Dave

    Chive on Charlie! The man deserves to have his face placed upon a Chive T-Shirt!

  • chanel

    Es war sehr informativ und ich habe auch mit diesem Ansatz , wie Sie schreiben! Keep it up und I `ll be back, um bald mehr zu lesen mate.

  • spyke

    if chaplin is still alive, he'd totally be a chiver 🙂

  • HierArch


  • sfsdf


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  • Me Gusta

    I've watched this everyday since the chive has posted it

  • chris

    His look at the end looked desperate and of utter sadness, as if he knew his words would not reach enough people to make a difference…

  • Nick

    I can't believe this is up here. This movie is awesome.

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  • Rikers_Beard

    I love this Speech so much and have been listening to it on all most a daily basis so I'm a little peeved that now to listen to this speech when coming to Chive I have to sit through a commercial, which seems to work directly againist the message of the speech. I would love it if Chive could post a commercial free version of this speech some how. Or if anyone could point me to a commercial free version of this speech.

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  • Watermain

    I don't think it ended the way he hoped it would…

  • Toni

    Almost cryin' …

  • ernest seemann

    This by the way is why Chaplin was banned in Germany under Hitler and I bet had a shoot on sight order on him.
    When my Dad and Grandfather escaped East Germany in 1947 the first thing they see after leaving the "processing center" (delousing and such) for escapees is Gold Rush by Chaplin. My Grandfather says, Gold Rush! I saw that before the Nazis!" They went in watched the flick and KCCO'd (not that they knew what that was.)

  • Twobig4u01

    No matter how many times I watch this video I still get this feeling that we the human population can do so much more with this world.

  • Sirgallahad4

    I am 33 years old and I am finally using my G.I. Bill to go to college. Heading off for my first class. glad that the Chive is here to post videos like this to get me inspired.

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