Black is beautiful (35 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    I love me some nappy headed hoes!

  • Micks

    moar of #9 please… daaaaaaamn!

    • Gumby

      I agree 2000%!!

  • Nesta

    Please find #2

  • doobie

    #2 BANGIN’

  • Anonymous

    #19 Megan Good is always good

  • Laser

    i wonder how this would have turn out if the title were "White is beautiful", i think racist claims would have risen.

  • Justin Warini

    Good Stuff, now we need them in Hump Day, especially #28!!!!

  • Erik D

    I have to say, finally. But I look through most these pics, and most these girls are mixed. Where's the dark skinned girls?

  • Anonymous

    Bought time I see some caramel beauties!

  • Jason

    Probably one of my favorite posts yet!! These grils are fucking beautiful. #9 Is making me crazy! #13 Is just PERFECT!! #28 Look at the GAP on that girl MOAR and some from the backside please!!!

  • spicy rice

    #9 is drop dead gorgeous

  • Aceshard4

    Chive, Good call….Most of these girls could pass for Latinas. Very Light chocolate. Beautiful never the less.

  • xxwhodatxx

    I’m from the south also,all you stupid fucks who think it’s the only place racism comes from are extremely hypocritical. With the same breath you slam racism,you make a statement like that. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR MOM FOR BIRTHING YOU!!!!

  • Tommy Boulet


  • tmc102464

    Good for you, Chive!

    And yeah, I think you should mix them up, too – but no criticism intended.

  • MattKL

    Nice job Chive! Been waiting for you guys to show more love to the chocolate beauties.

  • Jeffro

    Thank you Chive. Would love to see more of these.

  • climaximus

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! now if we could get some chocolate chivettes post I could die happy 🙂

  • Diddy

    Please do not ever do this kind of post again. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    #28 is Diznee, Chive you need to do a post that is all about her.

  • Cabbot

    More. PLEASE.

  • Paul Baumeister

    Cute as hell….. and the hair sells it!

  • @SportsEA

    Soooo Happy this came along it made my day i'm favoriteing this page

  • http://thechive Alex

    #28 Oh my god… and well gee, the post’s name is not racist at all

  • andrew

    Hell yeah chive i've been waiting on this post for a long time. But its ashame how some people always has to turn something positive into something negative. I guess its apart of the world we live in.

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