Black is beautiful (35 Photos)

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  • @RndmThtz

    So now black women have to be put in their own post?

  • Anonymous

    We can travel to the moon, clone animals, cure diseases with a vile, fit incredible amounts of imformation on microscopic chips, become world famous in a day with a single video, see and talk with others who are oceans apart at any time anywhere…but we can’t embrace uniqueness and beauty in creation without judgement or ignorance tainting it? For as far as weve come, we have such a long way to go.

  • JdanLDN

    I dont understand the need for the hate , these girls are beautiful, period , the focus shouldnt be on if their black white or blue. If some people dont like them then fair enough but dont generalise a whole race based on your preference. As a mixed race man (of black , asian, white and native Caribbean) I have tp say its good to mix in girls of all races into posts consistently to suit all tastes.

  • lovingdis

    Why doesn’t anyone get up in arms for “Redhead ” galleries, or F.L.B.P galleries that place women in to different groups based solely arbitrary aspects of their appearance? I love this idea! I love black girls! I love that they’re getting their own showcase so I don’t have to waste my time looking through other galleries to find them! I want one everyday!

  • b eazy

    For real guys this isn’t that serious, in the time I’ve been chivin’ on I’ve seen asian, red head, russian, blonde, “thick” girl post plus probably many others! Can’t we all just ogle women in peace.

  • b eazy

    STOP ARGUING!… And find 9,13,14,20 now

  • thetech2

    #3,#9,#12 can fry me pancakes any day of the year

  • Zach

    I think number 33 has a small lump on her visable side boob…I can't tell though

  • chi-town

    I was wondering when you guys would get with the program! There are dark skinned black women too btw…

  • Anonymous

    This really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, everyone needs to get off their soap box and rreellaaxxx… It’s a damn website, if you don’t like what’s on it there is an X on the top right corner of the screen…. Click it.

  • Austin

    This should be a regular thread

  • franzworth j

    i've been waiting for a post like this!!! thank you CHiVE

  • Khaqan J

    A darker skin tone has the allure of a 1000 angels!
    Yes, without doubt; Black is beautiful. Heck, it is gorgeous!

  • Kegen

    Bout time! Give MOAR!!!!!

  • Rob

    #13 MOAR!!!!!!

  • Cali

    I love this post. Thank you

  • Jake

    #3#9#18#33 this hair on these girls always stop my heart ❤

  • I'msuperb

    I’m from the north and lived in the south and northerners are just as racist as southerners. And on that note everybody needs to chill out do what it looks like #3 bein doin and enjoy these BEAUTIFUL WOMEN

  • RichG.inIN

    Excellent gallery Chive!!!! I want to see more of these beautiful women in future galleries with all the other beautiful women posted. I am white and have no problems with wanting to date, get married to and have a family with any of these women posted here.

  • illinois

    28 need moar. Like to see her r hump day.

  • Cho

    Unbelievably gorgeous women!! Keep this up!! So so great!! Love love loved it

  • Anonymous

    You people freek about racism when this site is overtly sexist, get over it and enjoy some hotties!

  • Kyle White

    Finally some chocolate love on the Chive! Thanks guys.

    #28 Good Lawd!

    MOAR of #2

  • M.O.T.

    #34 Sweet Jesus.

  • Lee Berry

    I was just thinking that Chive never shows any women of color…'bout bloody damn time!

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