Black is beautiful (35 Photos)

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    arrrhhh the infamous black girl hump…..but wait these mor………..MOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muda f***kin………………………………………………………………mor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TIGHT BLACKY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GODDAMIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I SAID MOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #9 HOLY MACKERAL FISH…………….>>>>> #19 HEYYYYYY WANNA GET TACO…….HUH????….TACO BELL

  • jayzoe

    about time thnx

  • Navin R. Johnson

    all look half black to me

    • Mike


  • scottyboy1612

    Great post. Love every one of these pictures. Cannot decide which one to choose.

  • Nick Bakke


  • Billy baley

    Strongly disagree.

  • wanderingeye

    Thank you, CHIVE! #3 #13 #21 #34… I'm just greedy, I guess!

  • michael1922

    #10 Hell yes

  • Ted

    Fuck yeah…all of them

  • @ustcmrjeff

    favorite post ever
    #9, #27, and #31 are gorgeous!

  • mmmhmmm

    #19 is meagan good. ive had a crush on her since she played nina on cousin skeeter.

    • Magnus

      She's just stunning.

  • etcrr

    #2 #10 #19 are gorgeous, beautiful women

  • Whew

    #28 She goes from 20 something to 40 something, great assets. #34 Amazing eyes, possibly just amazing everything.

  • Akozlow

    I love me some chocolate!!!!

  • manamal

    #28….please find her…om f#%king g…..

  • Turtle

    Awesome! #26 needs a cheeseburger, though.

    • Ben

      No!! She's perfect as is. I'd marry her any day of the week and twice on Sunday

  • b.brown

    ohmygoodness honestly chive never thought I'd see this day. chive on from a Black chick 😉

    • nb2012

      make that two black chicks! (:

    • Winnie

      Make that three!

  • 'berto

    Holy hotness, Batman — #4, #5, #9, #14, #33…damn, too many to list them all.

  • Keith

    To the person operating on a higher consciousness that suggested a white is beautiful post….
    You're right. We need to see more white people. Don't see enough white people. In fact probably need a white history month too because we don't hear enough about white people in history. Maybe a WET right? A White entertainment Television? Cause there aren't any white people on TV? Stop feeling weird about being white in the first place. Maybe that would help you make fewer comments like that one. Good call you're a god damn thinker. Can we get a post of all the smart shit this guy says? You wanna see more white people? Go hang out at the GAP or watch more Fox News.

    • EastSidePaul

      Hi Keith, can I call you keith? I think I can, I feel we've become close in the last few seconds. Listen, I'm going to break this down for you, just because you're my special little guy! :). What I was alluding to, if you missed the point, was the huge double standards we deal with, its okay for one, but not okay for the other. Now I understand that the concept my be too hard for you to understand and I am truly sorry, can you ever forgive me? I hope we can move on from this Keith, I really do.

      • ICUP

        Chive can post REDHEADS every week and no one says, "Can we have a blonde/brunette is beautiful post?" All Chive is doing is adding a little mixture to the site. Sometimes they add Asians, sometimes they add Spaniards. The person jumping up screaming "DOUBLE STANDARD! DOUBLE STANDARD!" Should really look within themselves and try to figure out when they became a douche bag racist and how to rectify the problem. Because yes, it is a problem.

        • EastSidePaul

          Hey ICUP, great name by the way, I'm still laughing! Okay how do I say this without offending you, because god forbid I cause you any sort of offense.. Okay here goes… Please never never never have offspring, it sadness me to now actually know people like you exist 😦 (see thats my sad face).

          Not once did I make any form of racist remark, in fact, if you were clever enough, which I am afraid was asking far too much on my behalf, you would actually notice that I am speaking out against racism.

          • WestSideFrank

            I know you, Paul. You are indeed a racist.

    • Truth

      You sir, are retarded. And racist.

    • Obama 4 Lyfe

      Wow. Keith, you are a racist.

  • Bobolink

    #5 #15 Those eyes! God makes sexy in all colors.

  • Brudda


    • Truth

      wow… this is a joke right???

      • Truth

        meaning this entire post is a joke. black is so rarely beautiful it's an oxymoron

        • McBeastie

          troll harder.

          • Truth

            Just calling 'em as I see 'em

            • McBeastie

              must be hard to "see 'em" through that white hood you've got on.

        • I hate ^ guy

          I'm white.. .and I hope to find you in an alley sometime…because I'll show you who gets wiped off the earth… black women are way tighter than white… better bodies… they stay fit for longer… they look younger… what are you on? I think you should do the world a favor and hang yourself… pretty soon their won't be a white anyway you hillbilly… everyone is mixed and its for the better… so seriously… find a rope.. and a ceiling fan… and do the world a favor… LOSER

          • i also hate that guy

            i completly agree take that racist shit back to the south

            • Anonymous

              The south, WTF? I’m from the south and have traveled as well have friends all over the country/world. Racism up north as much as anywhere on the planet you ignorant fuck

            • Tennessee

              Hey, bullshit. Not everyone in the south is a racist, so you comment is just as ignorant.

              • Dr. Science

                I think its ignorant to call Tennessee the south.

                • sean

                  Dude, I’m from Texas, and Tennessee is definitely in the south

          • 'loke

            STFU honkie.

        • deepwellbridge

          Seriously Niggher Beater? Are you really that stupid? To think that any group of human beings needs to be whipped off the face of the Earth? Get in a time machine and go back to 1942 in Germany… don't know if you'd fit their preference of the aryan ideal. They might, you know, want to wipe you off the face of the Earth and all.

      • NotTheTruth

        Its like a joke when you look in the mirror and see your pitiful self of boy…..

        All alone.

    • Gross


      Where's our whites only threads? Plus, black chicks buttholes look like horse buttholes.

      • The Pict

        That familiar with the back end of a horse are you?

      • phdonme

        We are all pink on the inside my Honky friend….

      • Gross

        I prefer sex with horses over humans…because that's all I can get.

        • The Chivery

          You're a model Chiver.

          Chive on!

      • vvv

        For a whites only thread, look at most of the threads on the chive

        • deepwellbridge

          I was about to say this very thing. It isn't wrong that we have had little to no black people on our site. It's a matter of preference. Nor is it wrong to have a whole post dedicated to beautiful black women… my preferences are changing I think.

      • jboyaah

        ok, that was kinda funny.

      • Big Joe

        But do they taste like horse buttholes?

  • chicago

    #9 and #19 rocks my chocolate craving. Thanks chive, now I can't go back.

  • Carlos Roberto Aguirre Jr.

    TOOK LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! #9

    • jaime

      Anyone know who she is? So beautiful.

    • MylesofStyles

      At first glance I thought she had major bush sticking out of her bikini bottom. Scared the shit out of me.

      • Urewelcome

        Please tell me she does! Makes real men horny to not see the ol' cancer patient looking shaved bullshit !!!

    • @latxxtal

      Her name is Christina Santini. Here is a link to her tumblr page:

    • IWannaMakeIsk

      I swear this is my kids second grade teacher….

    • ezechiel

      Hey beautifull can i be ur friend this my number call me ok

  • Das

    Total Meh. Worst album this year by far.

    • Truth

      FACT. You're doing it right

    • Lanil

      You must be a faggot to say some gay ass shit like that.

  • Negron

    Its about time chive started representing all colors of the rainbow. Now if we could only get more ebony chivettes to post

    • Blanco

      Last time I checked, there was no black or brown in a rainbow.

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