Black is beautiful (35 Photos)

  • showboat

    Never really been into black girls but damn let’s see some mor!!

  • Jcash

    #s 1 thru 13 are damn fine. And meagan good is the epitome of sexxxy

  • ttttttthhhhhhhhhh

    #1 #2 #6 #10 #11 #12 #13 #28 more please

  • Fantastic! Let's see some more often!

    Fantastic! Let’s see some more often!

  • Gumby

    Thank you so much for this post!

  • El Chivero

    where's kelly rowland?

    • Truth


  • Kim

    #28 yum!! yum!! bravo!! chive!! good job!! and yes!! finally!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    I second that,
    coz most girls are mixed or brownish.

  • Anonymous

    Finally chive!!!! Must be a regular post from now on, living in the real world now eh?

  • hips_n_nips

    Finally! #14 and #28!s MOAR! I need a beautiful black chivette so bad!

  • Anonymous

    Bout. Damn. Time.

  • Supafly

    No way is #28 real.. With hips like that, she should get a job having birth

    • Guest

      She is real. Her name is Bria Myles. Google her.

      • Truth


        • Paulolino

          Truth you seem to have a problem with Black women and thats fine, but why do you want to bring every-one else down about it?

          Its Ok to dislike stuff but do you need to spread that dislike and or hate?

          • Truth

            no hate involved. sorry if you got that impression

            • False

              Truth your an idiot and noone likes you…

              • Truth

                False – F you

                • False

                  Truth – Thanks for proving my point… if you ever have kids or if you do now… I hope they spend some time with Sandusky…

                  • Sandusky


                    • TomTheCameraGuy

                      ^ hahaha (sorry, that was pretty funny…)

    • ZachBob

      you obviously haven't seen many black women. hips like that are quite common.

    • Daniel

      Hell yeah she should

  • thetwistether


    …seriously though, we need more chocolate bunnies incorporated into the sexy chivers post.

    you know you want them there


    women of colour???? all i see is black

  • Moar!

    ebony beauties every week please

  • Professorvan

    Nice change of flavor, Chive. Long overdue

  • Cousinjay

    After months of chiving, this is the greatest post ever. I agree, more ebony chivettes need to post.

  • Sue Acide

    This claims to be a BLACK post but only a few of them are completely black. R u saying that black is beautiful when mixed with white. Racist post.

  • Mike

    Chive, we want some more of this. Don't make us wait this long anymore!!!

  • Douche McFuckstain

    finally something for my black girl fetish.

    • Truth

      just go to the zoo

      • Guest

        He wanted a black girl not your mom.

  • Benodon

    finally much appreciated chive, hopefully this means more ethnicity in sc, hump day, mind the gap etc. etc……cant wait. Once a week? Better title tho

  • justsayin

    I am very proud to be a chiver on this day. Despite some of the ignorant comments, compared to basically any other site, the comments are tame. Black is beautiful, white is beautiful, red heads are beautiful. Just because there is a color in the description does not call for a debate on racism. sexy is sexy. that is all.

  • Mike

    #28 Oh shit…..MOAR I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 884ever


  • bucketman


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