One for our great UK allies, Remembrance Sunday (55 Photos)

  • Grey

    Someone cutting onions ??

    • .Krookz


  • etcrr

    God Bless our Allies whereever they maybe Speccially Canada, Untied Kingdom, Australia Memebers of Nato

    • mongoose5271

      Agreed. I don't care where they come from, our allies command just as much respect and honor as our men and women.

    • Barry

      Perfectly put. These are our great friends, though I would like to add South Korea, Japan, Philippines and Israel. Each has been a great ally in blood and war.

      • Rick

        Germany, Poland, Scandinavians, and many other members of NATO…hell, even France

  • Tim Nichols

    Thank you Brigade, this has touched me beyond words. Being in the British military has given me experience of combat but you are only has strong as the next unit in the line. My Grandfather fought in D-Day, my Father in Korea, myself at sea. Thanks to our allies for your support.

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