Blondes to brighten your Friday (31 Photos)

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  • AussieChiver23

    Please find #12. Purple just works on super-fine blonde.

  • snow

    #2 does anyone know who she is?

  • Viper

    #28 Moar!!

  • chris

    #7 perfect back arch that a girl and #30 is a great porn star but cant remember her name.

  • Aaron

    These girls are all beautiful, but they can’t hold a torch to a sexy smiling brunette.

  • Lou

    #30 is pornstar teagan pressley

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #30 Need some after school lessons?

  • Luis

    #24 Left yes!!! Rigth fuck!!!

  • troy1007

    Possibly the best post ever chive. Thanks!!!

  • rooster

    #2 shouldnt be at the beginning. she stopped me in my tracks. like a deer in headlights lol
    #5 #20 #21 homygod and #30

  • Anonymous

    31 who is she

    • Anonymous

      #31 is Sophie Reade

  • scottyboy1612

    #1 and #20 please

  • Guest

    Isn't amazing how B&W pics make the women look hotter
    Image #25

    Image #21

  • Head chef

    The title should be bottle blonde

  • DaBoSS

    Don't you just miss the days when Teagan fucked without fake tits and ugly tats.

  • Nishtai

    I love blondes. They're kind of my weak spot. Almost every girl I've ever fell in love with was a blonde.
    BUT, there are so many bleached dumb, ugly, stupid women out there, that lower the bar for their overall awesomeness.
    Natural blondes are among the cutest, loveliest and all kinds of good "-est"-ies

    I've spoken

  • olive

    #3 #15 :)) and #25 needed to be here! 🙂

  • Jay_Harvey

    wow #27 just stole my heart!

  • mike

    would It be wrong to call out FAKE!!!! on most of these? I don't think so.

  • purvieWRX

    there should be more natural blondes I think, but great post no doubt.

  • CalPoly19

    #16 is everything i want in a girl just from her style!!!

  • Marcis

    #10 #26 #31 MOAR

  • DoomsDayDub

    #2 = Hot damn!

  • soda pop

    I wish I could marry them all……#23….bravo.

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