Don’t let anybody ever tell you your childhood wasn’t amazing (36 Photos)

  • Josh Gorter

    #28 All we are is dust in the wind.

    • assblastersupreme


    • crazydog

      sow crates lol

    • hiphopchive

      What up what up
      I be chilling on the Chive
      it be like honey to us bees buzzing in the hive
      When I be at da club and they be pressin' for a fee
      I just whip out my dick and bust a pic out of LG

      Peace y'all and HAP-E FRY-DAY YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS- Yo Bill N Ted ROCKED THE HOUSE

    • kris

      be excellent to eachother…

      • MattKL

        WYLD STALLYNS!!!

  • Nathan

    oh god, so many good memories. #33 drew that shit on everything

    • G Monie

      Haha, I'm glad it wasn't just me!

    • womp

      then i would try and make every letter that style

    • fact checker

      ok perhaps I am too old, or too young (please be too young). But, I have no idea what this is.

      • Molly

        I remember that very well and I'm 27.

        • Matty Rochelle

          me too and i'm 24 haha

      • DoomsDayDub

        Yeah, 28 here, and that symbol is ingrained in my memory.

      • 2Co57

        26 and I remember that well too. How strange, what does it even mean??

      • Greg Lee

        im fucking 15 and we still do it XD

        • Adam

          Cool!! But what relevence does a nostalgia gallery have to you? Most of us have forgotten more years than you have lived! I feel like they should put your comment for the nostalgia gallery in their gallery for irony.

    • guest

      I still draw that in my notes all the time. One more semester till my masters degree!!!!

    • Lisa

      i still draw that sometimes

    • mik

      My kids draw this all the time, it's funny they think it's so original, and I got to bust there bubble. That's why you have children isn't it?

      • dumber than his kid

        So you can be corrected in the use of there, they're, you're, and your, all by a 1st grader? Or at least, that's why you had children, apparently.

        • Bezaile


        • nicer than dumber

          You're (you are) kind of a dick huh?

        • Matty Rochelle

          But its soo easy not to confuse them i mean… woot?

        • Big D

          Lmbo To funny on spelling check.

    • Colleen

      I totally still draw these and Im 24

      • fact checker

        OK so what is the reference? Is it from a show, from a cartoon, from a book, collective thought realization what? Never seen it before.

        • Groggy


          I liked drawing the "joker" variant

        • Fiction teller

          it is an "S"

    • saltygary

      I'm 36 and used to draw that on everything. Have no idea why, it was just fun.

  • Mel Gibson

    #32 one of the best/one of the best shows ever

    • Woody

      THEE best show ever….icing on the cake in that it was about a family from my hometown of Chicago.

    • derp

      oh hey, it's Leela

    • JAS

      Also had Christina Applegate before she had a mastectomy because of breast cancer… she was so hot.

  • Big Bill


    • A BiPolar Guy

      That won't make it any bigger

    • Mike

      Congratulations, takes a lot to come out the closet. Well done.

    • maggiemay13

      Eeek, Penis!

      • Guest

        Eeek, ugly girl!

        • Guesty

          ugly girls do tend to come out of their holes when penis is around. Can't blame 'em, though…shiet, the ugly ones need loving, too.

          • maggiemay13

            Did you surgically remove your penis to become a woman then change your mind back to wanting a penis so you had to grow a new penis on a mouse just to become a man again? Does it sing to the moon about being in despair? I bet it does.

            • Floyd

              don't worry, I'm sure no girl is interested in them so they project their insecurities anonymously to random people on the internet, you are pretty, don't forget that

            • Big D

              Yeah, Maggie is pretty in that picture. Guest is an idiot.

    • Spencer_on_Fire


  • etcrr

    #2 Adams Family was so cool #3tom and jerry classic #32 Al Bundy rules

    • Darkside

      My dougie!

    • GreyGhost9

      #3 they had that and classic looney tunes on the other day i watched it with my niece and we both laughed at them. It really brings me back and i'm only 25.

    • Sleep_Salone

      Hahahaha, you're Stan.

    • Michael McCollough

      Raul Julia was awesome.

  • JoeyGladstone

    #10 "Cut. It. Out. UkUkUkUkUk!"

  • blub_glub

    #16 I lost my movie tear-jerker virginity to this scene

    • nerdchaser

      I was born in 1993 and I LOVED that movie when I was younger…used it watch it over and over again. I havent seen it since. A couple weeks ago I went on a date and seen Lion King in 3d…I finally caught on to that part….I tried so hard not to let the guy see i was crying! LOL!! Oh and the Lion King play is AMAZING…Ive also seen that!

    • mel

      I still tear up when I watch this and I'm 23.

    • roclawzi

      Yeah, I had long since forgotten this scene as I took my 6 year old daughter to see the Lion King 3D, and while trying to console her through the scary parts, this one sneaks up on me. All I needed to see was Simba laying down under the paw and I damn near lost it.

    • KorovaMilkBar

      Really, I had to watch a lame chick flick just to get some boob action.

    • thisisntjustin

      agreed, also, realized the ability to re-lose my tear jerker virginity during toy story 3… just sayin.

    • jeff

      I'm 36, I have lost my dad, and I'm tearing up right now.

      • blub_glub

        ^^ *hugs jeff*

        • mouchette

          Definitely had to hold em' back.

  • Mel Gibson

    #35 Tim and Eric anyone?

    • artownz

      If my eyes don't deceive me, it has a copyright sign of 2005. I'd say fake, who the hell still used floppys by then.

    • ThatGuy

      That's exactly what I thought when I saw that.

  • That guy...

    #21 Thats right! There was no pussy "Easy Mode"….Kids these days…

    • Jason Ciotti

      There were no saves either….always had to right down those damned codes…

      • Jen

        really, dude…right??? fuckin' A that's bad….

    • Cowtown

      My favorite of the series!

    • Dr. Science

      This game was evil…..but that why I liked it.

      I remember one of the final Wily bosses was this damned dragon that only the Bubble Gun could hurt but the bubble gun went like four inches in front of you and then shot right to the floor.
      I broke my first gaming controller playing this game.

    • A to the B

      Normal = difficult

      Difficult = RAGE QUIT

  • BringsMeBack

    #23 Favorite game of all time. Owned shit.

    • Mel Gibson

      every play drunk driving mariokart? you have a full beer and you have to finish the beer before you finish the race. only thing is you cant drink and drive at the same time so if you want to drink you have to put down the controller to drink your beer

    • Head Chef

      The game cheated on single player though. Multiplayer was awesome.

      • me.

        yeah man i was addicted to the battle mode.. hours.

    • Diggler

      You owned shit? Gross

      • rock.

        HAHAHAHA. thought the same thing.

  • FloppyRocks

    #16 Annnnnd now I'll being crying myself to sleep tonight…

    • Liz

      agreed, I had just stopped tearing up after the Veteran's Day post, then this pic…

  • whoknows

    this is an instant flash back in time.. this stuff was and still is AMAZING!!!

  • Jonathan

    #1 I'd kill to have one like this at home!!!

    • Sw0rdF1sh

      You can on your iPhone… Tablehockey in Apps. AWE-FREAKIN-SOME

      • JAS

        not the same.

    • BSS

      Had a chance to get one for $100. But nooooooooooooo, the wife says. Geeesh. Don't get married kids.

      • DrROBOTO

        or you could just slap her

    • GreyGhost9

      good ones are like 800 dollars or more, i have tried to talk the gf into letting me buy one No luck

  • Rollout25

    #14 Anytime this movie is on I have to watch it. Its just a good movie

    • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

      One of the best movies ever made haha never gets old!

      • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

        rock, scissor, paper!

    • Michelle Wrigglesworth

      Love this movie – have it on DVD – I watch it all the time

    • da2conan

      You broke into the wrong god damn rec-room!!!

      • bridgemaster

        i found the ass end!

    • cajun carrot

      Everything goes better with Bacon.

    • Cowtown

      Pardon my French! awesome flick!

    • Thomas Allen Sampson

      "I'VE GOT A PLAN!!!!!"

    • MattKL

      Just a few household chemicals in the proper proportions.

  • Chivette11

    I was doing great! Reminiscing and shit… Til 16 came up.

    Damnit Chive!

    • forestchiver


      • Big D


  • Emma Oliver

    holy cow I HAVE to make my kid watch the addams family!!!!!

  • The Oregon Trail??

    slicing fingers open on #35

  • Art

    #36 I would clean all saturday morning just so my mom could serve me breakfast right as this came on!

    • P90

      I used to get up early on a non school day just to watch X-Men.

    • thedude325

      Saturday morning cartoons were the best.

      • mouchette

        X-men and the Tick were Saturday mornings at my house.

  • Paula_

    #13 Ghost'n Goblins ruled. Very hard on later levels though.

    – the one you love to hate

    • Brian Bailey

      Seriously the hardest game ever.

    • Ken

      This was my favorite game!!! Awesome!

    • El_Hefe

      Played that game on our Commodore 64

  • Kenny Torres

    29 + 29 = munchies

  • EFP


    I had phillipino, mexican and white friends growing up. everyone owned that toy

    • Tedly

      I'm white and it's true.

  • Allie Howard

    #11 #23 #33

  • Kodos

    We like Captain Solo where he is.

  • mtk

    #16 i remember watching this in 95-96 on vhs…had to close my eyes in this scene.. still can't watch it without crying.

  • LeBesjamain

    Nailed it. At first I was skeptical, but that s logo, mario kart… well almost the whole thing, spot on. That was my childhood.

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