Don’t let anybody ever tell you your childhood wasn’t amazing (36 Photos)

  • Matty

    #16 thanks Chive. I had blocked this from my memory. Thanks for bringing up childhood traumas.

  • Cecil

    #13 and #21 were fuckign awesome. They were also hard as hell, so when you beat them you shouted at the TV, jumped up adn ran out of the house screaming!

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #8 #32 I miss these the most 😦

  • tara

    #1 the best memory from my child hood best game ever at work we got one f*@$ awesome

  • brandon

    Might Max Mighty MAX!

  • MattKL

    Oh man, so many memories with this post. We played with #5 till it was so fuzzed out it wouldn't catch anymore, and #9? I owned the neighborhood at that.

  • Dana Xu

    this time 'round is so FOW, #realtalk
    so many good ones…

  • Anonymous

    Best one yet, thanks- ’84

  • CorbinKeith

    #16 great I didnt know I was gonna cry for this post. The Lion King was my childhood

  • KorovaMilkBar

    #12 Ah Fubu, without you everyone would have known what a loser I was……up until we made uncool to wear Fubu
    #26 POLLY POCKET Ugh ah uh I mean MIGHTY MAX!!!
    #17 CHI CHI CHI CHIP And Dale

  • JHL1

    #25 Shall we play a game?

    • Hah

      Damn, I logged a mess of hours on ADT terminals. They were "new" technology and freakin fantastic. Our trick to reserve one at the lab was to pop the cover under the logo tag. There was a dip switch that set the serial communications. Flip a switch and the terminal wouldn't work. Show up at the lab, skip the line, flip the switch back and go to work. Fortunately, we did not have to use the acoustic coupler. Thanks for the flashback.

  • Anonymous

    How about the words This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. Or, wait till your father gets home. Or Move your hand.

  • Anonymous

    #32 gemma teller….

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #24 Loved that when it was in the bar

  • Dustin Barnett

    #33 YES!

  • chive_mind

    #11 loved it but simpsons alrdy reminded me on their last treehouse of horror
    #26 the snake (right one) was one of my favorite toys of all time

  • The Noz

    #28 Bill S Preston and Ted Theadore Logan = Wild Stalion! My all time favorite

  • Want to know

    Whats the name of the Food in Picture 19? I am from Europe and dont know this. Everything else i can remember

    • Larry

      Tater tots

  • Jeff

    #33 Forgot about that I drew that on everything, I don't think I knew then even what it meant

  • ruggerhead

    Why does Boo Berry make your poop blue ???

  • Michael Cudd-Vallely

    #34 loved this cartoon

  • AnimeEyes19

    #14 awesome movie!!

  • Anonymous

    #33 never thought I’d see that symbol again in my life

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