Kids are like an F1 tornado on the damage scale. Seriously. (30 Photos)


  • lucky so far

    my son is 2 1/2 and he hasnt done this…yet OH GOD PLEASE DONT LET HIM DO THIS PLEASE *cries histericaly*

  • Vic

    You non ankle biter assholes dont realise how quick this can happen ! One minute im grabbin a beer and checking the dar the next WHAM blasted by a but load of dad you suck ” dog food” get real ! sometimes kids get the best of us “Keep calm ” and tune ass on!

  • Emt not ambulance driver

    All future psych pt and or artists
    Can’t decide which

  • AlexJ225

    It hurts to look at these pics

  • Scruffy

    To all the nerds whining about parent's not watching their kids: try doing the dishes or a load of laundry and watching your kids at the exact same time. Shit happens, you get used to it.

    • shadowwight

      Oh…they’ll learn…eventually. Every normal kid of every normal parent does something like one of the above at some point. I was a multiple offender…and I had a hover mom. I prefer to sit back and chuckle about the eventual enlightenment of those who think that their kids will be different. 😉

  • Oh Pinyon Ate Ed

    This post should be called "Your Children Need More Attention"

  • Hat-trick

    23 some one got pissed at COD

  • Cavok

    All pics. -somebody gonna get hurt real bad-

  • James

    "Oh hey my kid made a mess thats gonna cost a ton to replace and forever to clean up. Wheres my camera? Smile Charlie."

  • Laurie

    I like #14…simple, yet effective!

  • SOF

    Getting tubes tied ASAP.

  • gozergirl

    Most of these, I would be sooooo pissed.

  • Father of a 2 yr old

    this was a scary post…

  • Anthony

    Should be titled, “condoms are your friend”.

  • doctorgonzomd

    #23 Death of a piece of shit tv….. Fucking vizio….. >.<

  • kidsarenotcute

    I wonder how many people would get vesectomy's if they were free. What a ******* nightmare kids are.

  • Bernard

    None of this would happen if people just kept things put up.

  • Anonymous

    #18 I like your style

  • Gabe

    I'd have been beaten for anything on this list
    Probably more then once

  • ukulelemike

    In some of these pictures, these very young kids had to have been left alone for quite a while to do such damage-where were mom and dad? I had daughters and they never did anything of this magnitude. I think trimmed hair was the worst, or the time one daughter drank my wife's bottle of ambergris, (look it up if you don't know).

  • star

    it's okay, they did you a favor.

  • 1kissbee

    I don't think this is a case of bad parenting. Everyone makes mistakes. My mom let my niece have a pen the other day. She ended up drawing on the sofa. It was an accident and she will never have a pen again. I bet most of these kids will be forced to clean this up. When I was a kid my dad would take me into the landuary room and let me do things like draw on the pipes and old set of shelfs. Stuff that did not matter so it would get out of me and I would not draw or make a mess in the other parts of the house.

  • mrme

    those pictures are like birth control

  • Samantha Kristal

    Yup, still not having kids.. My cat is annoying enough.

  • chanel flap

    Es war sehr informativ und ich habe auch mit diesem Ansatz , wie Sie schreiben! Keep it up und I `ll be back, um bald mehr zu lesen mate.

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