Porter Ellett won’t let a debilitating accident define him (16 Photos)

Below is a video of Porter playing High School basketball. Inspiring stuff.

  • Bud

    Shopped…. I'm just kidding. this is amazing but if I just bumped into one of these pictures I would definitely think it was shopped.

    • dicksalad


      • Tom Acky

        Agree, shopped! Bud, take a joke. I guarantee you Porter has a sense of humor, you should too. I think the school good have gone the extra mile and sewed up the arm hole on is jersey though.

    • thechevron

      damn I was going to write that

    • lolz

      definitely thought the same thing haha

  • Derek

    way to go man.. make us all look even worse

    • hMMMM

      "An accident when Ellett was 4 rendered his right hand, which was his dominant hand, completely unusable. But it hasn't stopped him from becoming a successful athlete and person. Ellett eventually learned to swing a bat with his left hand — he did it by holding a bat under his chin, tossing a ball into the air, and then transferring the bat to his hand before hitting the falling ball — and years later he has become one of Class 1A's best players."

      *just trying to make you feel better….HA! Incredible.

  • carl

    way to go man! hell, Jim Abbott ended up as a starting pitcher!

    • Tom Acky

      Yea, but Abbot had 3/4 of an arm and could place the glove on it. He has a big advantage over this kid.

  • Brian

    And to think I need two arms just to post on the Chive.

    • bridgemaster

      yet you still type one handed..

  • DoucheNozzle

    that three he shot was out of bounds once it touched the top of the backboard. just saying

    • jrp

      i think it has to go over the backboard

    • FloppyRocks

      The top and sides of the backboard are never out of bounds, only the back is.

    • frank

      I can't speak for highschool rules, but in the NBA the top of the backboard is not out of bounds. The back of the backboard is out of bounds. Now if it would have hit some supporting structure or cable or anything else up there, it would have been out of bounds. But maybe in highschool that is out of bounds. I don't claim to know.

    • eggnog

      Yeah in my high school top of the backboard was out

    • FloppyRocks
  • Bud

    Take it easy… This is incredible and really inspiring but your telling me that those basketball pics don't look shopped?

    • Bud Bundy the limp

      let me slice of your arm at the shoulder and try to convince your facebook pictures that they aren't shopped, schmuck…

      • aaaa

        That makes zero sense….

        • tdot

          Bud Bundy the limp is DEFINITELY one of those sensitive Chivers who gets his XXXL knickers into a knot if he thinks someone he'll never meet (Chivette, one-armed athlete, a girl) may have been the target of an insult. He, like the rest of them, should go fuck themselves.

      • Rawr

        Bud, like our friend here, I think you might be missing something.

      • CNG

        Bud you are a fucking knobhead

  • sshuggi

    It's amazing how strong will power can be sometimes.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Yeah, Will's a pretty strong guy. Has a lot of willpower, too.

  • mike

    good stuff. i love shit like this

  • Tuff Guy

    Makes Jim Abbott look like a pile of puke…. Seems like he'd be easy to strike out though.

  • aaaa

    But how much can he bench press?

  • JGMarine

    Every person who spends their lives complaining about how unfair life is, waiting on a hand out, and blaming others for their setbacks needs to pay attention to this young man!!!

    • Brutal Deluxe

      *horrible comment referencing nonstandard number of hands redacted*

  • cockout

    it's lebrons fault he lost his arm

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

    He's not an inspiration. He's dangerous!! If he had two arms he would already be ruling the world. Mark my words, its only a matter of time before he does!!

    *runs away*

  • Rafiki

    he should be a swordsman

  • Sue Acide

    Looks like the competition disarmed him.

  • http://twitter.com/eric_hand @eric_hand


  • Plebargain

    Maybe he should go into designing slot machines…. 😡

    • Arnold W. Fuller

      How many times do you think he dressed as a bandit for Halloween?

  • Laura

    Porter is one sexy chiver!

  • Bob


  • Arnold W. Fuller

    Big deal, he still can't clap.

  • Sophia

    #3 – This guy is DAMN hot…

    • hMMMM

      even with a cast on the one good arm, still on the courts. Baller.

    • jules

      You aren't wrong. He is ridiculously attractive; missing limbs or no.

  • Arnold W. Fuller

    Too bad he's going to BYU. No premarital sex for him. The only positive of losing an arm is the ability to use it for hot, steamy, sympathy sex.

  • Da Sandman

    #5 how does this guy swing the bat..?

    • Anon

      you can swing it one armed… youll just have less power. But more then you would think as a lot of your power comes from legs/torso

      • mike

        it's true that a lot of your power comes from your lower half, but the sheer fact that he's swinging one armed, leads me to believe he'd have a hard time hitting the ball out of the infield. i'm not being mean when i say that. i thought the same thing as the sandman when i saw this picture. hell, i played baseball though college and a short stint in the minors and had a tough time hitting the ball. that's why i'm sitting at this computer now, posting on the chive, instead of banging hot chicks in the penthouse i bought with my last check from the yankees.

    • oughtnot

      If you watch the baseball video that is an option after the video in the post, you can see him at bat hitting the ball into right field. Not bad for a one armed man.

  • No You

    #16 two arms are for pussies.

  • vindi

    lets all give this guy a hand..

    • Verbal_Kint

      I was wondering how soon this would make an appearance…

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