So let me get this straight, you built a 7 foot Gundam out of paper? (6 photos)

  • longshot

    #5 find her

    • ThatGuy

      Why? She's beat-faced

    • Bezaile

      Please don't.

    • Ebiggz

      They make paper bags to cover the face. She has a bangin' body which is worth looking at.

    • toph

      why do you lonely f-bags always want to "find her" you ffing wankers?!

      • Ken

        Halle – fucking – lujah!!!! Couldn't agree more!!

    • Ricardo

      She´s next to the gundamn

      • AEON

        move her and moar on the gundam!!

        • teh dude

          put the gundam helmet on her face, then find her

  • ThatGuy

    Someone needs a girlfriend.

    • CuriousGeorge

      Yeah, so he built a 7-foot Gundam and got one.

      • ThatGuy

        Implying that butterface is even his girlfriend.

    • Floyd

      says the guy who most likely has porn opened in the next tab…

      • re24

        really? that's the best you could do for an insult?

    • Andrew

      Y? he could just build one out of paper

  • No You

    #4 makes 7 foot Gundam out of paper, still can't get laid.

    • Chase Patt

      his counter argument for that. #5

      • DeDav

        I think that's probably his mom… hmm…

      • Ha.Ha.

        girl probably wants to have sex with the robot more than dude

    • shopper

      "BECAUSE" he makes a 7 foot Gundam out of paper, he can't get laid.

    • Bucky Jones

      That's what hookers are for.

  • p1babyarm

    #4 Impressive…isn't losing your virginity a more significant accomplishment though?

    • Smily

      Loosing your virginity is an accomplishment?

      This takes skill. Loosing virginity – just be fucking alive

      • p1babyarm

        Tell that to the virgins of the world

        • The_Dood

          I'll tell them to stop aiming so high… Where are they? Oh, that's right. Hey trolls, stop aiming so high.

          • alejandra

            Oh! come on!… there´s a ridicuolus number of nerdy-chicks who would find this impressive. pretty or not, there is.

          • Raunchy The 1st

            yeah. 'cause the ones who are so fanatical about a website they buy their shirts and shitty merchandise and call themselves "chivers" clearly have such active sex lives, amirite?

        • The Chivery

          AKA us Chivers.

          Chive on!

    • josephmdunbar

      You guys are fucking ridiculous. A) this is badass 2) Usually the guys who never shut the fuck up about getting laid are the ones who aren't getting laid. While you spend your days trying to get your finger down some fat girl's jeans that are way to small, this guy already fucked his girlfriend & decided to make some badass shit with his time.

    • Faust

      I don't see why it would be, most of the world has done it.

  • tickthetock

    Building giant gundams out of paper gets him a chic like that? Brb, I'm going to cut down a rain forest…

  • pjsupremex

    #4 overly large glasses are overly large

    • The_Dood

      Worst meme ever. Just let it die!

      • The Tick

        THANK YOU!

  • Dutch-bag

    That’s sweet and sad at the same time

  • rikooprate


    • B45op

      BA Black sheep have you any wool…

      • rikooprate

        3 bags full, kid…

  • Markl

    Too much time ! But YEAH !

  • pupy

    Dude, more pictures of your sister

    • lolz

      was thinking the same thing

      • Anjin-San

        Here it is, you pedos…


        • pupy

          hahaha very funny. the other one!!!!

  • etcrr

    You keep the Gundam, I'll take the woman in #5

    • Jak

      You keep the fugly on her neck and I'll take the body

      • Glen Danzig

        agreed. i'd decapitate her and have sex with her dead body too.


    would have loved to see some of the construction on this.

  • etcrr

    #4 overly large ego is overly large. If it were Mila Kunis or Olivia Wilde involved then I would understand

    • Jen

      yeah, b/c you can really tell that this guy has an inflated ego through this picture. All I can see is a douche.

    • Sleep_Salone

      Hahahaha…you're Stan_Dalone…fucking pathetic.

      • etcrr

        Really? Wow dude thats sad I think your paranoid or something. I'm sorry to say that your not right in your assumption.

        • Bill57

          Yes he is.

    • re24

      mila kunis. mila kunis. mila kunis. mila kunis mila kunis. goddamn people, DIVERSIFY YOUR TASTE IN WOMEN A LITTLE!

  • Matthew Mac

    #5 porno-origami anyone?

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Not going to lie, this is kinda awesome….

  • FdaDouches

    You Douchebag., Omg this guy has too much time.
    Just take all your halo or MW3 time and convert it to this hobbie.


  • Steph

    I am VERY proud of the chive right now.

  • Anon

    I don't think that paper will hold up well on re-entry.

  • truthvirus

    #1 #5 People, people… i bet he's just trying to show how long it took to make… Same girl?

    • CaptainInsano

      That doesn't make any fucking sense.. bro

      • JerkFace

        Actually it did to us with IQ's higher than the room temp.

        • truthvirus

          Thank you.

          Unfortunately I should have said..
          "Shows you how long ago he made it… Same girl?"
          Captain was partially correct. My original comment would have made sense, if in the first picture, the bot wasn't complete but just started.

        • truthvirus

          So, in other words: You're an idiot yourself.

  • amplidudes

    If you dislike this comment, you are dumb! Thank you!

    • amplidudes

      (trollface) i've got one!

  • bigcat72

    Nailed it!

  • Verbal_Kint

    Tony Stark, the early years….

  • peepers

    #5 Next time lead with that

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 holy shit thats awesome

  • Alterego1

    #6 ..if you crop out from about the gundams’ knees down, it actually looks like it is actual size. (you know, like 50 yards back, and really fricken talll)

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