• fotzy68

    I've got the moves like Tigger.

  • Anonymous

    Good shit I like this video

  • jordan

    i wish i was black

  • Curtis61

    I wonder what will happen to them. Disney really hates when their actors break character.

    I had a friend who got fired because they said, "Have a good day." and a manager heard him. You're not even allowed to talk.

  • acloudypanda

    I wonder where Pooh and his friends got their moves because we all know they didn't come from Christopher Robin

  • Anonymous

    I like tacos

  • Taylor Shaw

    black disney world

  • PTgoBoom!

    I've seen this before but…so what! It's still cute as all hell.

  • https://www.facebook.com/donovan.colbert Donovan Colbert

    I'm calling this as Disney World, not Disney Land – and Disney World is more relaxed with their cast members than Disney Land. This would not go down at Disney Land, but I can see it getting the nod at Disney World.

    Looks like this was at Animal Kingdom, too, if I had to call it.

  • anna marie


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