Girl takes photo of herself every day for 4 years (34 Photos, 1 Video)

  • madtube

    She has one of those faces that is very pretty without makeup. Very nice.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Yes, but I think the best pictures here, are the ones when she has a little bit of make-up on.

      • I came

        Tits, or GTFO……just say'in

        • meh


    • Soft Taco Juice

      Very pretty I agree. But to make it much much more interesting I think 4 years of pictures of her vagina with different shave patterns would have been better.

      • Soft Taco Juice

        Vote negative if you want. You know you'd look at the post if she did it and Chive put it out there. Fine, no shaved pussy? How about 4 years worth of Mind the Gap or Hump Day photos from this lovely lady. I'd take a look.

        • useriousbro

          you're a disgusting pervert. please go jump off the empire state building.

          • Soft Taco Juice

            yeap. Cause you never look at the Mind the Gap or Hump Day posts do you?

          • notabigfatpussy

            youre a big fat pussy

    • 6969696969

      she's a 6 at best.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #2 #33

    4 years and still gorgeous

    • frank_alv

      Well yeah for not 20… I think most women look their best between 25 and 30 (when most of the change happens) and after that it gets better until around 40. So there is this 15 year sweat spot.

      • haha

        lol 15 year sweat spot.

    • Stly

      Agree. I'd facefuck her silly!

  • Matt

    Kind of cool…

  • tylrd67

    Anybody catch the nip in photo 321?!?

    • BigRick69

      You have to pay the troll toll, to get into this boys hole.

      • Black6dog

        It took me a second, I wasn't sure where that was from and then it hit me, MUTHA FUCKA!!! The Nightman Cometh!!

    • chiver

      post it!

    • @BSimmzy

      Did you cound the images to get to that number?

  • Emily


    • TheAutomaticMan

      awwww…… almost there lil' fella

  • bill bill

    #30 looks beautiful

  • texjosh

    Was it worth the hassle for a 40 second video?

    • The_Dood


      • -AJ-


    • Kay2

      I don't imagine it was THAT big of a hassle. Still I see your point though

  • stillhot

    Correction: girl takes really interesting pictures of herself everyday for four years

  • EasternCanuck

    She has her good days and her bad… but don't we all… 🙂

    • DoublePivot

      Nah….mine are all bad

  • Juan

    She's cute #17 #21 #23

  • dagleja3

    Not sure if cool or lame?

    • Red

      lame. the only reason people will say otherwise is because they want to fuck her.

  • mike

    #15 and #25. this girl is really really pretty.

  • BleedC&B

    Pretty cool. She looks damn good in some of these
    #15 #30 #31

  • doogie

    that would be an interesting thing to do over say a decade or more. to see what aging truely looks like on a daily basis over an extended period.

    • Kay2

      I've seen that somewhere. It was pretty interesting. I'm sure you can Google it

  • chicago

    #14 I remember her. Chive found her. #30 beginning to latest, she's a Cutie.

  • Steve Lee

    Longer hair is better in my book

    • itsmemario

      short hair, for me. more unique.

    • Chivemaster

      Agreed. She's way hotter with long hair.

  • Boooger

    should have done another set with her hair down in all of them so it would be trippy to watch it grow.

  • soda pop

    So, from what age to what age?

  • Nathan

    Brings new meaning to "same face syndrome"

    • burp

      what was the old meaning?

  • someguy

    so 40 seconds is how long it takes to fall in love based on someones eyes

  • Jen

    She look like she hit the meth is pic #26

    • I came

      it's from the Smoking Gun, Mug Shots….


      oh jen u have no idea i think i no i believe alot of the regular chivers think your a twat.

  • wkdfrog

    Much better to watch than the video of the dude who did the same thing a few months back

  • guy

    She's cute and Went through alot of changes through the years not a fan of girls and sort hair but she pulls it off!! cool post!

    • Ned Flanders

      More for me dude! 🙂 Love the short hair!

      • D3AN

        I love short hair as well, but I think pics 3-5 were a bit too short for my taste.

  • joe chiver

    tits or gtfo

    • TheBAMFinater

      Exactly, very cute, but I need to see the whole package to give a score.

      • TheBAMFinater's BF

        What about me, baby?? Don't a satisfy you anymore?? 😥

        • TheBAMFinater

          Sweet, I have my own troll.
          Suck it loser who have to share Paula

    • niceass4ahkr

      Clit or GTFO

  • Skedaddle

    #19 no make up and gorgeous.

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