Girl takes photo of herself every day for 4 years (34 Photos, 1 Video)

  • toastymoe

    is she single?

  • JarEco29

    All of those wasted hours playing dress up and wasting time taking pictures,
    She could of better spent the time catalog modeling or a part time job that would be even slightly beneficial to our economy and less convenient for all the flaming pedophiles and loonies who have access to this page.
    Just sayin"

  • Ryan

    4 years is nothing:

  • capt

    Gorgeous gal, maybe more pics but this time scantily clad?

  • Justin

    #14 Adorable. She looks European, maybe French? Bonjour madamoiselle 😀

  • Anonymous

    Just got better and better.

  • Wookiequoc

    absolutely mesmerized… I would love to get turned down by her only to try again and again.

  • Bradley 365 Chiver

    #13, 15 deff the best looking

  • Christian

    I now have a new Internet crush, she is beyond beautiful. She's radiant.

  • Darren

    She's beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    The title should read “Super Hot Chick takes photo of herself everyday for four years. And Chivers want MOAR…

  • deadlfter

    I think this is totally cool!

  • bloo

    Holy shit she was hot every day for 4 years. Good going girl!

  • Nishtai

    Talk about same face girl!
    Before u start trolling, it's a joke.

    If i try to take a shot of myself like that, I always come out looking like a dork.
    Need to lose weight…

  • Anonymous

    i just jerked off to all 34 photos took her 4 years took me 2 minutes thanks babe

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful woman!

  • abt

    she got hotter

  • matt

    You have a natual beauty unlike anything I’ve seen

  • a-nony-mous

    a true, modern day beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I would put it to her

  • thewiz

    wheres the bewbs?

  • Zankooh

    Wait there is less then 36 seconds of video of her actual photos put together. That means we didn't get to see over a years worth of photos or she is a LIAR!.

  • Nikhil Khanna


  • Anonymous

    #15 is the my favorite. So pretty, so hot

  • b money

    Beautiful girl. Go her.

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