Girl takes photo of herself every day for 4 years (34 Photos, 1 Video)

  • WTF

    Narcisism. Such a waste.

  • jon malugin

    She has beautiful eyes!

  • Chive On Wisconsin

    Would it kill her to smile once in four years?

  • Renat Forsaken

    I love #27 ! She is beautiful!

  • batman's anus

    She completely ripped off Noah's original, His was way way better too

  • Anonymous

    Need her back to 13 k tks

  • MrMan13

    Went form being cute to just damn sexy!

  • Freddy boy

    #27. I am so in love with you.

  • Anonymous

    Some of those chics are hot. I like 14

  • jeremy

    So what that really 1460 pictures, but chick is cute

  • The Viper

    Amazing eyes

  • Thomas Michael McClure

    So uh. Want to grab some coffee?

  • anticubicle

    Someone has a lot of time on their hands.

  • Occupy The Gap

    I must meet this goddess and matewith her to create a race of smokin hot uber geek chicks

  • Occupy The Gap

    Hey! That’s my sisters ex-girl friend!

  • doctorgonzomd

    Chive, I love ya, but this post fucking sucks!

  • Fabrizio wants to have your babies

    She looks so adorable and she’s not even smiling.

  • Anonymous

    What’s her name?

  • Jew Bear

    is she gay?

  • Jon

    Absolutely stunning! I would love to be around this girl everyday for 4 years!

  • Zach D.

    She fucking hot!

  • Nathan

    this girl is goregous

  • cabana boy



    Kinda thought it interesting, although I'm sure ppl will say "GAY", that over the course of it you kinda see how she ends being a girl, and begins being a women.

  • cristobol

    Cutie pie.

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